Emery Howard Portfolio Management

Latest statistics and disclosures from Emery Howard Portfolio Management's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are SPY, VEA, VOO, VO, IVV, and represent 65.52% of Emery Howard Portfolio Management's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: VOO (+$20M), VEA (+$11M), VB (+$6.7M), VWO (+$6.1M), VO, IYK, VNQ, VTI, SCHE, DBC.
  • Started 2 new stock positions in INDA, IYK.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: SPY, VIG, SCHX, SCHM, QQQ, IWM, , IVV, SCHA, DIA.
  • Sold out of its positions in MDY.
  • Emery Howard Portfolio Management was a net buyer of stock by $46M.
  • Emery Howard Portfolio Management has $773M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 13.26%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001495703

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Portfolio Holdings for Emery Howard Portfolio Management

Emery Howard Portfolio Management holds 48 positions in its portfolio as reported in the December 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Etf (SPY) 25.7 $199M 419k 474.96
Vanguard Ftse Developed Markets Etf Etf (VEA) 13.8 $107M +10% 2.1M 51.06
Vanguard S&p 500 Etf Etf (VOO) 11.2 $87M +30% 199k 436.57
Vanguard Mid Cap Etf (VO) 8.1 $63M +4% 245k 254.77
Ishares S&p 500 Index Etf (IVV) 6.7 $52M 108k 476.99
Vanguard Ftse Emerging Markets Etf Etf (VWO) 4.7 $36M +20% 735k 49.46
Vanguard Small Cap Etf Etf (VB) 4.3 $34M +25% 149k 226.01
Schwab International Equity Etf Etf (SCHF) 3.3 $26M 665k 38.87
Schwab Emerging Market Eq Etf Etf (SCHE) 3.2 $25M 847k 29.62
Powershares Qqq Tr Etf (QQQ) 2.9 $23M 57k 397.84
Ishares Russell 2000 Etf Etf (IWM) 2.7 $21M 94k 222.45
Schwab Us Mid-cap Etf Etf (SCHM) 2.6 $20M 250k 80.43
Ishares Tr Russell 1000 Index Etf Etf (IWB) 2.1 $16M 62k 264.44
Schwab Etfs- Us Small-cap Etf Etf (SCHA) 1.7 $13M 127k 102.40
Vanguard Real Estate Index Etf Etf (VNQ) 1.6 $12M +4% 104k 116.01
Ishares Msci Eafe Etf Etf (EFA) 1.2 $9.4M 119k 78.68
Ishares Msci Emerging Markets Etf Etf (EEM) 0.9 $7.1M 145k 48.85
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Etf Etf (VIG) 0.5 $3.8M -11% 22k 171.73
Vanguard Total Stk Mkt Etf (VTI) 0.3 $2.6M +22% 11k 241.47
Db Commodity Index Tracking Etf (DBC) 0.2 $1.4M +37% 69k 20.77
Ishares Semiconductor Fund Etf (SOXX) 0.2 $1.4M 2.6k 542.35
Invesco Dynamic Leisure And Entertainment Etf Etf (PEJ) 0.2 $1.3M 26k 48.98
Technology Select Sector Spdr Etf (XLK) 0.2 $1.3M 7.2k 173.88
Ishares U.s. Consumer Staples Etf Etf (IYK) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 5.7k 200.18
Vanguard Esg U.s. Stock Etf Etf (ESGV) 0.1 $934k 11k 87.87
Spdr Dow Jones Industrial Etf Etf (DIA) 0.1 $804k -4% 2.2k 363.31
Spdr Dj Wilshire Reit Etf (RWR) 0.1 $776k 6.4k 122.19
Pimco Active Bond Exchange-traded Fund Etf (BOND) 0.1 $745k -4% 6.8k 109.46
Global X Cloud Computing Etf Etf (CLOU) 0.1 $705k +3% 27k 26.51
Powershares Sp500 Low Volatility Etf Etf (SPLV) 0.1 $684k -2% 10k 68.61
Ishares California Muni Bond Etf Etf (CMF) 0.1 $554k 8.9k 62.37
Vanguard Health Care Etf Etf (VHT) 0.1 $498k 1.9k 266.60
Invesco S&p 500 Equal Weight Etf Etf (RSP) 0.1 $488k 3.0k 162.67
Ishares Dj Select Dividend Etf (DVY) 0.1 $480k 3.9k 122.70
Vanguard High Dividend Yield Etf (VYM) 0.1 $478k 4.3k 112.08
Vanguard Information Technology Etf (VGT) 0.1 $412k 899.00 458.29
Ark Innovation Etf Etf (ARKK) 0.1 $411k 4.3k 94.55
Ishares Nasdaq Biotechnology Etf (IBB) 0.1 $410k 2.7k 152.76
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Lrg Cap Etf Etf (SCHX) 0.0 $373k -50% 3.3k 113.86
Ishares Core S&p Mid Cap Etf Etf (IJH) 0.0 $330k 1.2k 283.02
Ishares Tr Msci India Index Etf (INDA) 0.0 $320k NEW 7.0k 45.77
Vanguard Small-cap Value Index Fund Etf (VBR) 0.0 $281k 1.6k 178.64
Vanguard European Etf (VGK) 0.0 $259k 3.8k 68.36
Ishares Tr High Divid Equity Etf (HDV) 0.0 $257k +7% 2.5k 101.06
Vanguard Growth Etf Etf (VUG) 0.0 $244k 761.00 320.63
Kraneshares Sse Star Market 50 Index Etf Etf (KSTR) 0.0 $243k 10k 24.30
Spdr Gold Etf Etf (GLD) 0.0 $229k 1.3k 170.64
Vanguard Short Term Corp Bond Fd Etf Etf (VCSH) 0.0 $218k +5% 2.7k 81.22

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