Regal Investment Advisors

Latest statistics and disclosures from Regal Investment Advisors's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are IVV, FTCS, LQD, AAPL, MSFT, and represent 12.32% of Regal Investment Advisors's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: IVV (+$39M), FTCS (+$22M), AAPL (+$19M), MSFT (+$17M), SPY (+$16M), QQQ (+$16M), ONEQ (+$15M), USMV (+$14M), ITOT (+$13M), ABBV (+$11M).
  • Started 497 new stock positions in EFG, HON, IBB, PAVE, IXN, BKLN, LOW, SPHD, MU, VHT.
  • Reduced shares in these 1 stocks: GNR.
  • Regal Investment Advisors was a net buyer of stock by $893M.
  • Regal Investment Advisors has $997M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 910.33%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001559789

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Portfolio Holdings for Regal Investment Advisors

Companies in the Regal Investment Advisors portfolio as of the June 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Regal Investment Advisors has 525 total positions. Only the first 250 positions are shown.

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Tr Core S&p500 Etf (IVV) 4.7 $47M +559% 108k 429.92
First Tr Exchange-traded Cap Strength Etf (FTCS) 2.2 $22M NEW 288k 75.55
Ishares Tr Iboxx Inv Cp Etf (LQD) 1.9 $19M +29% 140k 134.36
Apple (AAPL) 1.9 $19M NEW 136k 136.96
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 1.7 $17M NEW 63k 270.90
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit (SPY) 1.6 $16M NEW 38k 428.06
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 (QQQ) 1.6 $16M NEW 44k 354.42
Fidelity Comwlth Tr Nasdaq Compsit (ONEQ) 1.5 $15M NEW 260k 56.35
Ishares Tr Msci Usa Min Vol (USMV) 1.4 $14M NEW 196k 73.61
Ishares Tr Core S&p Ttl Stk (ITOT) 1.3 $13M NEW 133k 98.76
Abbvie (ABBV) 1.1 $11M NEW 100k 112.64
Goldman Sachs Etf Tr Activebeta Us Lg (GSLC) 1.1 $11M NEW 128k 86.03
Vanguard Tax-managed Intl Ftse Dev Mkt Etf (VEA) 1.1 $11M +9% 213k 51.52
Ishares Tr Core S&p Scp Etf (IJR) 1.1 $11M +116% 97k 112.98

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Ishares Tr Core Intl Aggr (IAGG) 1.1 $11M NEW 194k 55.10
Vanguard Index Fds Growth Etf (VUG) 1.0 $10M +4% 36k 286.80
Ishares Msci Gbl Min Vol (ACWV) 1.0 $10M NEW 101k 102.86
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Dividend Eq (SCHD) 1.0 $9.8M +5% 130k 75.62
Ishares Tr Pfd And Incm Sec (PFF) 1.0 $9.5M +326% 243k 39.34
Vanguard Specialized Funds Div App Etf (VIG) 1.0 $9.5M NEW 62k 154.79
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) 0.9 $9.3M NEW 56k 164.75
Ishares Tr Esg Awr Msci Usa (ESGU) 0.9 $9.2M NEW 94k 98.46
Procter & Gamble Company (PG) 0.9 $8.8M NEW 65k 134.92
First Tr Exchange Traded Intl Equity Opp (FPXI) 0.9 $8.8M NEW 128k 68.38
Janus Detroit Str Tr Hendersn Sml Etf (JSMD) 0.9 $8.7M NEW 129k 67.59
Amazon (AMZN) 0.9 $8.7M NEW 2.5k 3440.24
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Emr Mkt Etf (VWO) 0.8 $8.2M +36% 150k 54.31
Emerson Electric (EMR) 0.8 $8.1M NEW 85k 96.24
Ishares Tr Msci Emg Mkt Etf (EEM) 0.8 $7.7M NEW 140k 55.15
First Tr Exchng Traded Fd Vi Vest Us Buffer (FAUG) 0.8 $7.7M NEW 208k 36.92
At&t (T) 0.7 $7.3M NEW 254k 28.78
First Tr Exchange Traded Finls Alphadex (FXO) 0.7 $7.0M NEW 161k 43.67
First Tr Exchng Traded Fd Vi Tcw Opportunis (FIXD) 0.6 $6.4M NEW 120k 53.63
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Total Bnd Mrkt (BND) 0.6 $6.1M NEW 72k 85.89
Spdr Index Shs Fds Portfolio Emg Mk (SPEM) 0.6 $6.1M NEW 135k 45.50
First Tr Exchange-traded Dj Internt Idx (FDN) 0.6 $5.9M NEW 24k 244.87
Ishares Tr Us Treas Bd Etf (GOVT) 0.6 $5.9M +311% 221k 26.60
First Tr Exchange Traded Cloud Computing (SKYY) 0.6 $5.9M NEW 55k 105.96
First Tr Exchange Traded Hlth Care Alph (FXH) 0.6 $5.7M NEW 49k 117.11
First Tr Sml Cp Core Alpha F Com Shs (FYX) 0.6 $5.7M NEW 61k 93.25
Pfizer (PFE) 0.6 $5.7M NEW 145k 39.16
First Tr Lrg Cp Vl Alphadex Com Shs (FTA) 0.6 $5.5M NEW 84k 65.65
First Tr Exchange-traded Dorsey Wrt 5 Etf (FV) 0.6 $5.5M NEW 116k 47.38
Vanguard Index Fds Real Estate Etf (VNQ) 0.5 $5.4M +100% 54k 101.79
Vanguard Index Fds Total Stk Mkt (VTI) 0.5 $5.3M NEW 24k 222.81
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Short Trm Bond (BSV) 0.5 $5.3M +28% 65k 82.16
NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) 0.5 $5.2M NEW 6.5k 800.06
Medtronic SHS (MDT) 0.5 $5.1M NEW 41k 124.13
Ishares Tr National Mun Etf (MUB) 0.5 $5.0M +31% 43k 117.19
Vanguard Index Fds Mcap Gr Idxvip (VOT) 0.5 $5.0M +45% 21k 236.34
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) 0.5 $4.9M NEW 32k 155.53
Shopify Cl A (SHOP) 0.5 $4.8M NEW 3.3k 1461.07
Ishares Tr Core S&p Mcp Etf (IJH) 0.5 $4.7M +44% 18k 268.72
Walt Disney Company (DIS) 0.5 $4.6M NEW 27k 175.78
Consolidated Edison (ED) 0.5 $4.6M NEW 64k 71.72
First Tr Exchng Traded Fd Vi Tcw Unconstrai (UCON) 0.5 $4.5M NEW 168k 26.66
Ishares Tr Eafe Value Etf (EFV) 0.4 $4.5M NEW 87k 51.76
Target Corporation (TGT) 0.4 $4.3M NEW 18k 241.76
McDonald's Corporation (MCD) 0.4 $4.3M NEW 19k 230.96
Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) 0.4 $4.2M NEW 56k 74.87
Wisdomtree Tr Yield Enhancd Us (AGGY) 0.4 $4.2M NEW 81k 52.20
Vanguard Index Fds S&p 500 Etf Shs (VOO) 0.4 $4.2M NEW 11k 393.55
Vanguard Index Fds Mcap Vl Idxvip (VOE) 0.4 $4.2M +44% 30k 140.49
Vanguard Whitehall Fds High Div Yld (VYM) 0.4 $4.2M NEW 40k 104.76
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl A (GOOGL) 0.4 $4.1M NEW 1.7k 2441.85
La-Z-Boy Incorporated (LZB) 0.4 $4.1M NEW 110k 37.04
Spdr Ser Tr Bloomberg Brclys (JNK) 0.4 $4.0M +73% 37k 109.96
Intel Corporation (INTC) 0.4 $4.0M NEW 71k 56.14
Ishares Tr Core Total Usd (IUSB) 0.4 $3.8M NEW 72k 53.50
Verizon Communications Call Option (VZ) 0.4 $3.8M NEW 68k 56.00
Chevron Corporation (CVX) 0.4 $3.8M NEW 36k 104.73
Ishares Tr Core Us Aggbd Et (AGG) 0.4 $3.8M NEW 33k 115.34
American Electric Power Company (AEP) 0.4 $3.8M NEW 44k 84.60
Ishares Tr Eafe Grwth Etf (EFG) 0.4 $3.5M NEW 33k 107.28
Ishares Esg Awr Msci Em (ESGE) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 77k 45.14
Ishares Tr Fltg Rate Nt Etf (FLOT) 0.3 $3.4M +44% 67k 50.82
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del Cl B New (BRK.B) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 12k 277.96
Goldman Sachs Etf Tr Activebeta Int (GSIE) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 97k 34.93
Vanguard Index Fds Mid Cap Etf (VO) 0.3 $3.3M NEW 14k 237.32
Ishares Tr Russell 2000 Etf (IWM) 0.3 $3.2M NEW 14k 229.36
Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) 0.3 $3.1M NEW 22k 141.03
Altria (MO) 0.3 $3.0M NEW 63k 47.69
Vanguard Index Fds Small Cp Etf (VB) 0.3 $3.0M NEW 13k 225.25
Duke Energy Corp Com New (DUK) 0.3 $3.0M NEW 30k 98.71
Visa Com Cl A (V) 0.3 $2.9M NEW 12k 233.83
Goldman Sachs Etf Tr Access Hig Yld (GHYB) 0.3 $2.9M NEW 57k 50.28
Coca-Cola Company (KO) 0.3 $2.9M NEW 53k 54.11
First Tr Exchange-traded Nasd Tech Div (TDIV) 0.3 $2.8M NEW 50k 57.32
Ishares Tr Eafe Sml Cp Etf (SCZ) 0.3 $2.8M NEW 37k 74.17
Facebook Cl A (FB) 0.3 $2.7M NEW 7.8k 347.76
Ishares Tr Tips Bd Etf (TIP) 0.3 $2.7M NEW 21k 128.03
Square Cl A (SQ) 0.3 $2.6M NEW 11k 243.78
Ford Motor Company (F) 0.3 $2.6M NEW 176k 14.86
Raytheon Technologies Corp (RTX) 0.3 $2.6M NEW 30k 85.32
AFLAC Incorporated (AFL) 0.3 $2.6M NEW 48k 53.66
Spdr Gold Tr Gold Shs (GLD) 0.3 $2.5M NEW 15k 165.60
Ssga Active Etf Tr Mult Ass Rlrtn (RLY) 0.3 $2.5M NEW 88k 28.56
First Tr Exchange-traded Fst Low Oppt Eft (LMBS) 0.2 $2.5M NEW 48k 50.91
Ishares Tr Core High Dv Etf (HDV) 0.2 $2.5M NEW 26k 96.53
Citigroup Com New (C) 0.2 $2.4M NEW 35k 70.74
Bigcommerce Hldgs Com Ser 1 (BIGC) 0.2 $2.4M NEW 37k 64.93
Waste Management (WM) 0.2 $2.4M NEW 17k 140.11
Vanguard Whitehall Fds Emerg Mkt Bd Etf (VWOB) 0.2 $2.4M +8% 30k 79.82
Ishares Tr Msci Usa Value (VLUE) 0.2 $2.4M NEW 23k 105.06
Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST) 0.2 $2.4M NEW 6.0k 395.62
Ishares Tr Micro-cap Etf (IWC) 0.2 $2.4M +4% 16k 152.60
Lyft Cl A Com (LYFT) 0.2 $2.3M NEW 39k 60.49
Vanguard Index Fds Extend Mkt Etf (VXF) 0.2 $2.3M NEW 12k 188.57
Home Depot (HD) 0.2 $2.3M NEW 7.3k 318.88
Cincinnati Financial Corporation (CINF) 0.2 $2.3M NEW 20k 116.63
Clorox Company (CLX) 0.2 $2.3M NEW 13k 179.90
Automatic Data Processing (ADP) 0.2 $2.2M NEW 11k 198.62
Ishares Tr Global Tech Etf (IXN) 0.2 $2.2M NEW 6.6k 337.55
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Smcap Etf (VSS) 0.2 $2.2M +16% 16k 136.44
Bank of America Corporation (BAC) 0.2 $2.2M NEW 54k 41.23
Fastly Cl A (FSLY) 0.2 $2.2M NEW 37k 59.61
First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii Pfd Secs Inc Etf (FPE) 0.2 $2.2M NEW 106k 20.60
3M Company (MMM) 0.2 $2.2M NEW 11k 198.62
International Business Machines (IBM) 0.2 $2.1M NEW 15k 146.60
Fubotv (FUBO) 0.2 $2.1M NEW 66k 32.11
Cisco Systems (CSCO) 0.2 $2.1M NEW 40k 53.00
Pepsi (PEP) 0.2 $2.1M NEW 14k 148.18
Ishares Tr Ishs 1-5yr Invs (IGSB) 0.2 $2.1M NEW 39k 54.80
Alibaba Group Hldg Sponsored Ads (BABA) 0.2 $2.1M NEW 9.1k 226.73
First Tr Nasdaq 100 Tech Ind SHS (QTEC) 0.2 $2.0M NEW 13k 159.08
Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd Etf (HYG) 0.2 $2.0M NEW 23k 88.05
Ishares Tr Jpmorgan Usd Emg (EMB) 0.2 $1.9M NEW 17k 112.49
Ishares Tr Rus 1000 Grw Etf (IWF) 0.2 $1.9M +367% 7.0k 271.57
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Int-term Corp (VCIT) 0.2 $1.8M NEW 19k 95.05
Wisdomtree Tr Emer Mkt High Fd (DEM) 0.2 $1.8M NEW 40k 45.67
Ishares Tr U.s. Energy Etf (IYE) 0.2 $1.8M NEW 63k 29.09
Ishares Tr Global Finls Etf (IXG) 0.2 $1.8M NEW 24k 77.61
Ishares Tr Msci Eafe Min Vl (EFAV) 0.2 $1.8M NEW 24k 75.56
Diamondback Energy (FANG) 0.2 $1.8M NEW 19k 93.87
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY) 0.2 $1.7M NEW 26k 66.81
Ishares Tr Core S&p Us Vlu (IUSV) 0.2 $1.7M NEW 24k 71.97
CVS Caremark Corporation (CVS) 0.2 $1.7M NEW 20k 83.43
salesforce (CRM) 0.2 $1.7M NEW 7.0k 244.30
PNC Financial Services (PNC) 0.2 $1.7M NEW 8.9k 190.75
Spdr Index Shs Fds Glb Nat Resrce (GNR) 0.2 $1.7M -3% 32k 52.99
Caterpillar (CAT) 0.2 $1.7M NEW 7.6k 217.69
BlackRock (BLK) 0.2 $1.6M NEW 1.9k 874.87
Pinterest Cl A (PINS) 0.2 $1.6M NEW 21k 78.95
Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB) 0.2 $1.6M NEW 12k 133.75
Lam Research Corporation (LRCX) 0.2 $1.6M NEW 2.5k 650.67
Applied Materials (AMAT) 0.2 $1.6M NEW 11k 142.41
Ishares Tr Select Divid Etf (DVY) 0.2 $1.5M NEW 13k 116.60
Renaissance Cap Greenwich Ipo Etf (IPO) 0.1 $1.5M NEW 23k 66.21
Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 24k 60.42
Ishares Tr Msci Usa Mmentm (MTUM) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 8.2k 173.43
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Alerian Ml Etn (AMJ) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 72k 19.65
Ishares Msci Frontier (FM) 0.1 $1.4M +5% 43k 33.20
Diageo Spon Adr New (DEO) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 7.4k 191.65
Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 16k 85.29
Capri Holdings SHS (CPRI) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 24k 57.17
Vanguard Index Fds Sm Cp Val Etf (VBR) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 8.0k 173.60
Moody's Corporation (MCO) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 3.7k 362.44
Ishares Tr S&p 500 Grwt Etf (IVW) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 19k 72.75
Union Pacific Corporation (UNP) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 6.1k 219.95
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl C (GOOG) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 530.00 2507.55
S&p Global (SPGI) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 3.2k 410.43
Nutrien (NTR) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 21k 60.62
Danaher Corporation (DHR) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 4.8k 268.32
Rockwell Automation (ROK) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 4.5k 286.00
Cme (CME) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 6.0k 212.72
Lowe's Companies (LOW) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 6.6k 194.03
First Tr Exchange Traded Consumr Discre (FXD) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 21k 60.74
Invesco Exchange Traded Fd T S&p500 Eql Dis (RCD) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 8.5k 148.11
Ishares Tr U.s. Med Dvc Etf (IHI) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 3.5k 361.16
Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL) 0.1 $1.3M NEW 4.9k 253.80
Palantir Technologies Cl A (PLTR) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 47k 26.37
Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 20k 63.09
Republic Services (RSG) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 11k 110.05
Cambria Etf Tr Tail Risk (TAIL) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 66k 18.70
Janus Detroit Str Tr Henderson Mtg (JMBS) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 23k 53.16
TransDigm Group Incorporated (TDG) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 1.9k 647.09
Pulte (PHM) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 22k 54.59
Leggett & Platt (LEG) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 23k 51.82
Discover Financial Services (DFS) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 10k 118.27
Microchip Technology (MCHP) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 8.0k 149.75
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Mortg-back Sec (VMBS) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 23k 53.36
Kraneshares Tr Quadrtc Int Rt (IVOL) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 43k 27.61
Ishares Tr U.s. Tech Etf (IYW) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 12k 99.39
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 2.4k 504.64
Fidelity Covington Trust Msci Finls Idx (FNCL) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 23k 52.35
ConocoPhillips (COP) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 19k 60.92
Paypal Holdings (PYPL) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 4.0k 291.37
EOG Resources (EOG) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 14k 83.43
Nutanix Cl A (NTNX) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 31k 38.22
Synopsys (SNPS) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 4.2k 275.80
Marriott Intl Cl A (MAR) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 8.4k 136.51
First Tr Exchange-traded Ny Arca Biotech (FBT) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 6.6k 172.59
Qualcomm (QCOM) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 7.9k 142.97
Spdr Ser Tr Nuveen Blmbrg Sr (SHM) 0.1 $1.1M +4% 22k 49.57
Corteva (CTVA) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 25k 44.33
United Parcel Service CL B (UPS) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 5.3k 207.96
General Motors Company (GM) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 18k 59.19
Liberty Media Corp Del Com A Braves Grp (BATRA) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 39k 28.21
BorgWarner (BWA) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 22k 48.56
Vanguard Malvern Fds Strm Infproidx (VTIP) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 21k 52.40
Select Sector Spdr Tr Technology (XLK) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 7.2k 147.69
Ishares Tr Mbs Etf (MBB) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 9.7k 108.28
UnitedHealth (UNH) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 2.6k 400.30
Spdr Ser Tr Prtflo S&p500 Gw (SPYG) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 17k 62.97
Ishares Tr U.s. Real Es Etf (IYR) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 10k 101.96
Goldman Sachs Physical Gold Unit (AAAU) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 59k 17.60
Constellation Brands Cl A (STZ) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 4.4k 233.81
FleetCor Technologies (FLT) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 4.1k 256.11
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 11k 93.97
Ansys (ANSS) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 3.0k 347.21
Southern Company (SO) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 17k 60.49
Ishares Tr Broad Usd High (USHY) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 25k 41.71
Edwards Lifesciences (EW) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 9.8k 103.54
Nuveen Municipal Credit Com Sh Ben Int (NZF) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 59k 17.21
Vaneck Vectors Etf Tr Fallen Angel Hg (ANGL) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 31k 32.91
Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 5.2k 195.56
Datadog Cl A Com (DDOG) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 9.7k 104.06
Ishares Tr 20 Yr Tr Bd Etf (TLT) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 7.0k 144.31
Dow (DOW) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 16k 63.27
Global X Fds Nasdaq 100 Cover (QYLD) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 45k 22.42
Barrick Gold Corp (GOLD) 0.1 $997k NEW 48k 20.67
Merck & Co (MRK) 0.1 $995k NEW 13k 77.75
Ishares Tr S&p 100 Etf (OEF) 0.1 $994k NEW 5.1k 196.09
Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO) 0.1 $990k NEW 5.6k 177.01
Ishares Tr Mortge Rel Etf (REM) 0.1 $981k NEW 26k 37.11
Ishares Tr S&P SML 600 GWT (IJT) 0.1 $980k NEW 7.4k 132.67
SYSCO Corporation (SYY) 0.1 $978k NEW 13k 77.76
Gilead Sciences (GILD) 0.1 $965k NEW 14k 68.83
Vanguard Admiral Fds 500 Val Idx Fd (VOOV) 0.1 $961k NEW 6.7k 142.69
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 0.1 $957k NEW 1.4k 679.69
Rocket Cos Com Cl A (RKT) 0.1 $951k NEW 49k 19.34
Goldman Sachs Etf Tr Access Invt Gr (GIGB) 0.1 $942k NEW 17k 54.85
Invesco Exchange Traded Fd T S&p500 Eql Wgt (RSP) 0.1 $940k NEW 6.2k 150.79
Invesco Exch Traded Fd Tr Ii Cef Inm Compsi (PCEF) 0.1 $939k NEW 38k 24.49
Ishares Tr Faln Angls Usd (FALN) 0.1 $937k NEW 31k 29.94
Vanguard Index Fds Value Etf (VTV) 0.1 $925k NEW 6.7k 137.49
Select Sector Spdr Tr Energy (XLE) 0.1 $919k NEW 17k 53.86
Ishares U S Etf Tr Gsci Cmdty Stgy (COMT) 0.1 $919k NEW 27k 34.49
Mastercard Incorporated Cl A (MA) 0.1 $916k NEW 2.5k 364.94
First Tr Exchange Traded Consumr Staple (FXG) 0.1 $909k NEW 16k 56.99
Store Capital Corp reit (STOR) 0.1 $904k NEW 26k 34.50
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Int-utils (XLU) 0.1 $900k NEW 14k 63.21
Invesco Exch Traded Fd Tr Ii Kbw Bk Etf (KBWB) 0.1 $879k NEW 14k 64.38
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Lcap Va Etf (SCHV) 0.1 $870k NEW 13k 68.37
Nike CL B (NKE) 0.1 $862k NEW 5.6k 154.56
First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii Managd Mun Etf (FMB) 0.1 $858k NEW 15k 57.28
Baidu Spon Adr Rep A (BIDU) 0.1 $857k NEW 4.2k 203.85
Ishares Silver Tr Ishares (SLV) 0.1 $844k NEW 35k 24.23
Fiserv (FISV) 0.1 $839k NEW 7.8k 106.89
B&G Foods (BGS) 0.1 $838k NEW 26k 32.82

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