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Portfolio Holdings for VR Adviser

Companies in the VR Adviser portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Constellation Pharmceticls I (CNST) 17.0 $116M 4.0M 28.80
Olema Pharmaceuticals (OLMA) 10.9 $74M NEW 1.5M 48.08
Trillium Therapeutics, Inc. Cmn (TRIL) 8.7 $59M -43% 4.0M 14.71
Kinnate Biopharma (KNTE) 8.6 $59M NEW 1.5M 39.78
Athira Pharma (ATHA) 8.5 $58M +11% 1.7M 34.25
Altimmune (ALT) 7.5 $51M 4.5M 11.28
Keros Therapeutics (KROS) 7.0 $47M 672k 70.54
Marinus Pharmaceuticals (MRNS) 4.6 $32M NEW 2.6M 12.20
Syndax Pharmaceuticals (SNDX) 3.6 $25M +78% 1.1M 22.24
Relmada Therapeutics (RLMD) 3.2 $21M 668k 32.07
Kura Oncology (KURA) 2.8 $19M 575k 32.66
Vistagen Therapeutics (VTGN) 2.7 $18M NEW 9.4M 1.94
Celldex Therapeutics (CLDX) 2.1 $14M 800k 17.52
Surface Oncology (SURF) 2.0 $13M -62% 1.4M 9.24

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Aclaris Therapeutics (ACRS) 1.9 $13M NEW 2.0M 6.47
Cogent Biosciences (COGT) 1.8 $12M NEW 1.1M 11.23
Aligos Therapeutics (ALGS) 1.6 $11M NEW 405k 27.65
Galera Therapeutics (GRTX) 1.4 $9.4M +1676% 918k 10.23
Silverback Therapeutics (SBTX) 1.0 $7.0M NEW 150k 46.34
Bctg Acquisition Corp (BCTG) 0.8 $5.7M 500k 11.44
Metacrine Ord (MTCR) 0.8 $5.5M -39% 694k 7.86
Five Prime Therapeutics (FPRX) 0.6 $4.2M NEW 245k 17.01
Bioatla (BCAB) 0.5 $3.4M NEW 100k 34.01
Taysha Gene Therapies Com Shs (TSHA) 0.4 $2.9M 108k 26.54
Miragen Therapeutics (VRDN) 0.0 $321k NEW 20k 16.47

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