Who owns Swiss Helvetia Fund?

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Top investors of Swiss Helvetia Fund stock

Who bought or sold Swiss Helvetia Fund this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Wells Fargo & Company 1.2M $11M 0% Sep 2021
Lazard Asset Management 804k $7.4M 0% Sep 2021
City of London Investment Management Company 688k $6.3M 0% Sep 2021
CSS 353k $3.2M -22% Sep 2021
1607 Capital Partners 335k $3.1M -5% Sep 2021
Deschutes Portfolio Strategy 292k $2.7M -6% Sep 2021
Gardner Russo & Gardner 231k $2.1M 2% Sep 2021
Commonwealth Equity Services 156k $1.4M 1% Sep 2021
Shaker Financial Services 144k $1.3M 13% Sep 2021
Brooklyn Capital Management 126k $1.2M 104% Sep 2021
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management 107k $979k -3% Sep 2021

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Uncommon Cents Investing 90k $828k 0% Sep 2021
Cornerstone Advisors 89k $815k -2% Sep 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 86k $792k 8% Sep 2021
Cetera Investment Advisers 48k $443k 78% Sep 2021
GRT Capital Partners 33k $306k 0% Sep 2021
UBS Group 28k $259k -4% Sep 2021
Raymond James & Associates 28k $253k 0% Sep 2021
GAMCO Asset Management 16k $147k 0% Sep 2021
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 15k $138k 0% Sep 2021
Capital Investment Counsel 15k $137k 0% Sep 2021
Kestra Advisory Services 13k $128k 0% Dec 2021
Dynamic Advisors Solutions 11k $105k 6% Sep 2021
Walleye Trading 11k $100k 0% Sep 2021
Advisor Group Holdings 4.6k $44k 184% Sep 2021
Winmill & Co 3.3k $30k 0% Sep 2021
Us Bancorp 2.9k $27k 0% Sep 2021
Assetmark 1.7k $16k 0% Sep 2021
North Star Investment Management 1.4k $13k 0% Sep 2021
Pnc Financial Services 1.4k $12k 0% Sep 2021
Ancora Advisors 1.1k $10k 0% Sep 2021
Geneos Wealth Management 292.00 $2.0k 0% Sep 2021

Who sold out of Swiss Helvetia Fund?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
LPL Financial Jun 2021 16k $159k