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Portfolio Holdings for Zenit Asset Management AB

Companies in the Zenit Asset Management AB portfolio as of the December 2015 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Yahoo! 25.4 $114M -22% 3.4M 33.43
Navient Corporation equity (NAVI) 10.1 $45M +12% 4.0M 11.33
Alibaba Group Holding (BABA) 9.0 $41M -50% 500k 81.27
Walt Disney Company (DIS) 7.4 $33M NEW 315k 105.68
Zynga Inc cl a 5.4 $24M NEW 9.0M 2.68
Western Digital (WDC) 5.2 $23M +65% 385k 60.65
Santander Consumer Usa (SC) 5.2 $23M -13% 1.5M 15.87
Discover Financial Services (DFS) 3.9 $18M -34% 325k 54.00
Alphabet Inc Class C cs (GOOG) 3.4 $15M NEW 20k 765.32
Bank of America Corporation (BAC) 3.2 $15M -39% 859k 16.95
Synchrony Financial (SYF) 3.0 $14M NEW 450k 30.31
Fifth Third Ban (FITB) 3.0 $13M -47% 664k 20.17
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 2.9 $13M NEW 851k 15.20
Dorian Lpg (LPG) 2.5 $11M -17% 948k 11.74
Hartford Financial Services (HIG) 2.3 $10M NEW 233k 43.73
Citizens Financial (CFG) 1.7 $7.5M 287k 26.24
Summit Matls Inc cl a (SUM) 1.4 $6.1M NEW 305k 20.06
MercadoLibre (MELI) 1.3 $5.7M NEW 50k 114.34
Ing Groep N V dbcv 6.000%12/2 1.1 $5.0M 5.0M 1.00
MGIC Investment (MTG) 1.1 $4.7M -54% 539k 8.77
eBay (EBAY) 1.0 $4.4M NEW 161k 27.52
Dht Holdings Inc cv acrd nt4.5%19 0.8 $3.6M NEW 3.0M 1.19

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