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Top investors of Abb stock

Who bought or sold ABB this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Fisher Investments 20M $798M -2% Jun 2023
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Northeast Investment Management 730k $29M -2% Jun 2023
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Rockefeller Capital Management 598k $24M -12% Jun 2023
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Natixis Asset Management Advisors 542k $21M 6% Jun 2023
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Kornitzer Capital Management 517k $20M -10% Jun 2023
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Guardian Capital Advisors 228k $9.0M -2% Jun 2023
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Hudson Value Partners 135k $5.3M 2% Jun 2023
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Carmel Capital Management 135k $5.3M 1% Jun 2023
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Marshall Wace 133k $5.2M 143% Jun 2023
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Beddow Capital Management 131k $5.2M 4% Jun 2023
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Manning & Napier Group 102k $4.0M 100% Jun 2023
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Dorsey Wright & Associates 96k $3.8M -9% Jun 2023
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Janney Montgomery Scott 96k $3.8M 100% Jun 2023
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Front Row Advisors 82k $3.2M 0% Jun 2023
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CCM Partners 81k $3.2M -47% Jun 2023
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Smith, Salley & Associates 73k $2.9M -22% Jun 2023
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Regions Bank 72k $2.8M 0% Jun 2023
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Simplex Trading 65k $2.6M 17% Jun 2023
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United Capital Financial Advisers 62k $2.4M -1% Jun 2023
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Advisors Asset Management 59k $2.3M -14% Jun 2023
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Rhumbline Advisers 56k $2.2M 100% Jun 2023
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Valicenti Advisory Services 55k $2.2M 0% Jun 2023
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Green Alpha Advisors 53k $2.1M 4% Jun 2023
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Pnc Financial Services 50k $2.0M -70% Jun 2023
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Citigroup 48k $1.7M -8% Mar 2023
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Assetmark 47k $1.8M 21% Jun 2023
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Colony Group 46k $1.8M 0% Jun 2023
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Mercer Global Advisors 44k $1.7M -52% Jun 2023
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Mayflower Financial Advisors 40k $1.6M -5% Jun 2023
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Victory Capital Management 40k $1.6M -11% Jun 2023
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Trust Co Of Vermont 36k $1.4M -24% Jun 2023
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Yousif Capital Management 33k $1.3M 0% Jun 2023
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Commerce Bank N A 31k $1.2M -9% Jun 2023
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Horizon Kinetics Asset Management 30k $1.2M 0% Jun 2023
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Bangor Savings Bank 30k $1.2M 3% Jun 2023
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Horrell Capital Management 30k $1.2M 0% Jun 2023
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Marietta Investment Partners 28k $1.1M -1% Jun 2023
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Toroso Investments 28k $1.1M 2% Jun 2023
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Quantinno Capital Management 26k $1.0M -6% Jun 2023
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Cohen Klingenstein 25k $981k 0% Jun 2023
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Chilton Investment 24k $948k 46% Jun 2023
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Banco de Sabadell 23k $897k -1% Jun 2023
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Balentine 23k $883k 5% Jun 2023
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Naviter Wealth 22k $861k 11% Jun 2023
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Catalyst Wealth Management 20k $691k 25% Mar 2023
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Lake Street Advisors Group 20k $785k 1% Jun 2023
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Dividend Growth Advisors 20k $771k -14% Jun 2023
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Lester Murray Antman dba SimplyRich 18k $709k 0% Jun 2023
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MAI Wealth Advisors 18k $691k 4% Jun 2023
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Hancock Bank Trust Department 17k $684k -16% Jun 2023
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Hunter Associates 17k $684k 0% Jun 2023
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National Asset Management 17k $677k 100% Jun 2023
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Townsquare Capital 16k $558k 2% Mar 2023
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FDx Advisors 16k $627k 66% Jun 2023
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Cable Hill Partners 16k $612k -16% Jun 2023
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Thomas White International 15k $605k 1% Jun 2023
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Pacer Advisors 15k $574k 10% Jun 2023
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Qube Research & Technologies 13k $500k 100% Jun 2023
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Klr Investment Advisors 12k $481k 100% Jun 2023
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Damian Sousa 12k $467k -4% Jun 2023
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Boston Family Office 11k $446k -23% Jun 2023
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Johnson Investment Counsel 10k $404k 100% Jun 2023
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Abbrea Capital 9.9k $390k 4% Jun 2023
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Old North State Trust 9.8k $386k 0% Jun 2023
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Philadelphia Trust Company 9.8k $384k 0% Jun 2023
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Prime Capital Investment Advisors 8.7k $344k 18% Jun 2023
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Fiduciary Trust Company 8.7k $342k 0% Jun 2023
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Green Square Asset Management 8.5k $334k 0% Jun 2023
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Williams Jones Wealth Management 8.3k $327k -3% Jun 2023
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Rnc Capital Management 8.1k $302k -3% Jun 2023
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Bp Wealth Management 8.1k $319k -4% Jun 2023
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Equitable Trust 8.1k $318k 0% Jun 2023
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Intrust Bank Na 8.1k $318k 10% Jun 2023
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Horizons Wealth Management 7.7k $302k 0% Jun 2023
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Umb Bank N A 7.7k $302k 0% Jun 2023
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Raymond James Trust 7.7k $301k -15% Jun 2023
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Cozad Asset Management 7.6k $297k 0% Jun 2023
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Brian McDonald 7.5k $0 -81% Jun 2023
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Diversified Trust Company 7.4k $291k 0% Jun 2023
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Beach Investment Counsel 7.3k $287k 0% Jun 2023
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Benedict Financial Advisors 7.3k $286k 1% Jun 2023
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Shilanski & Associates 7.2k $287k 0% Jun 2023
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SiVest Group 7.0k $275k 0% Jun 2023
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Cullen Frost Bankers 6.4k $253k -25% Jun 2023
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SYSTM Wealth Solutions 6.3k $246k -6% Jun 2023
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Romano Brothers And Company 5.8k $226k 100% Jun 2023
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Nilsine Partners 5.5k $215k 100% Jun 2023
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NinePointTwo Capital 5.4k $211k 100% Jun 2023
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1776 Wealth 5.2k $205k 100% Jun 2023
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Union Investments & Development 5.0k $196k 0% Jun 2023
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Thompson Investment Management 4.8k $187k -1% Jun 2023
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Huntington National Bank 4.5k $176k -11% Jun 2023
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Steward Partners Investment Advisory 4.4k $173k 10% Jun 2023
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Spire Wealth Management 3.5k $138k 0% Jun 2023
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SCBT Financial Corporation 3.3k $129k 10% Jun 2023
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Bank Of Oklahoma National Association / 3.1k $123k -14% Jun 2023
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Amerivest Investment Management 2.9k $113k -16% Jun 2023
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Atlas Capital Advisors 2.8k $108k 0% Jun 2023
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Global Trust Asset Management 2.3k $91k -32% Jun 2023
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Strengthening Families & Communities 2.1k $84k 660% Jun 2023
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Geneos Wealth Management 2.0k $78k 2% Jun 2023
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Rosenberg Matthew Hamilton 1.9k $74k 0% Jun 2023
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Jpmorgan Chase & Co 1.9k $74k -98% Jun 2023
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Logan Capital Management 1.8k $72k -98% Jun 2023
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Bessemer 1.4k $54k 388% Jun 2023
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Acadian Asset Management 1.3k $52k -75% Jun 2023
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Glassman Wealth Services 1.3k $53k 1% Jun 2023
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Allspring Global Investments Holdings 1.3k $52k 18% Jun 2023
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Webster Bank, N. A. 1.1k $41k 0% Jun 2023
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IFP Advisors 1.0k $40k -20% Jun 2023
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Ronald Blue Trust 807.00 $28k -63% Jun 2023
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Boyd Watterson Asset Management 774.00 $30k 0% Jun 2023
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Russell Investments 739.00 $29k -98% Jun 2023
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SOA Wealth Advisors 667.00 $26k 0% Jun 2023
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Cambridge Trust Company 660.00 $26k -76% Jun 2023
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Steward Financial Group 626.00 $24k 682% Jun 2023
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Harvest Fund Management 500.00 $19k 0% Jun 2023
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Paradigm Asset Management Company 500.00 $20k 0% Jun 2023
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Ahrens Investment Partners 498.00 $17k 100% Mar 2023
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Bollard 497.00 $20k 100% Jun 2023
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White Bay PT 403.00 $16k 100% Jun 2023
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Global Wealth Strategies & Associates 265.00 $10k 0% Jun 2023
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Independence Bank of Kentucky 260.00 $10k 0% Jun 2023
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Barclays 207.00 $8.0k 0% Jun 2023
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Operose Advisors 203.00 $8.0k 0% Jun 2023
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Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialist 200.00 $7.0k 100% Mar 2023
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Jennifer Ranahan 196.00 $8.0k 100% Jun 2023
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Private Ocean 190.00 $7.5k 0% Jun 2023
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Washington Trust Company 190.00 $7.5k -2% Jun 2023
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FTB Advisors 190.00 $7.5k -79% Jun 2023
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Retirement Group 179.00 $7.0k 0% Jun 2023
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ORG Partners 123.00 $5.0k 100% Jun 2023
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Pacifica Partners 115.00 $4.4k 0% Jun 2023
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Tradition Wealth Management 108.00 $4.0k 100% Jun 2023
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Mot 107.00 $4.2k 100% Jun 2023
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Ancora Advisors 100.00 $3.9k 0% Jun 2023
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Quent Capital 95.00 $3.7k 0% Jun 2023
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Rise Advisors 69.00 $2.7k 3% Jun 2023
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Old Second Wealth Management 49.00 $1.9k 0% Jun 2023
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Financial Gravity Wealth 39.00 $9.5k 15% Jun 2023
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Who sold out of Abb?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Capital Research and Management Company - Division 3 Mar 2023 18M $605M
Morgan Stanley Dec 2022 5.3M $162M
Bank of America Corporation Mar 2023 5.3M $182M
Northern Trust Mar 2023 3.3M $112M
Lazard Asset Management Mar 2023 3.1M $107M
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings Mar 2023 2.9M $101M
Royal Bank of Canada Dec 2022 2.6M $80M
Goldman Sachs Group Mar 2023 2.5M $87M
First Trust Advisors Mar 2023 2.2M $76M
Wells Fargo & Company Dec 2022 2.1M $64M
FMR Mar 2023 1.7M $58M
Millennium Management Mar 2023 1.6M $55M
BlackRock Mar 2023 1.4M $47M
UBS Group Mar 2023 1.1M $37M
Folketrygdfondet Mar 2023 1.0M $35M
Citadel Advisors Mar 2023 926k $32M
Grandfield & Dodd Mar 2023 918k $32M
Stifel Financial Mar 2023 747k $26M
Envestnet Asset Management Mar 2023 670k $22M
Ameriprise Financial Mar 2023 658k $23M
Crossmark Global Holdings Mar 2023 511k $18M
Raymond James & Associates Mar 2023 498k $17M
State Street Corporation Mar 2023 472k $17M
Voloridge Investment Management Mar 2023 454k $16M
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2022 443k $14M
Two Sigma Investments Mar 2023 439k $15M
Penn Davis Mcfarland Mar 2023 422k $15M
Steigerwald, Gordon & Koch Mar 2023 405k $14M
Baker Avenue Asset Management Mar 2023 387k $13M
Nomura Holdings Mar 2023 372k $13M
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership Mar 2023 366k $13M
Baird Financial Mar 2023 361k $12M
Thornburg Investment Management Mar 2023 353k $12M
Renaissance Technologies Mar 2023 306k $11M
Invesco Mar 2023 302k $10M
HPM Partners Mar 2023 242k $8.3M
LPL Financial Mar 2023 238k $8.2M
Ethic Mar 2023 227k $7.8M
Bank of New York Mellon Mar 2023 226k $7.8M
Advocate Group Mar 2023 211k $7.2M
William Blair $ Company Mar 2023 210k $7.2M
Shufro Rose & Co Mar 2023 208k $7.1M
Oppenheimer & Co Mar 2023 207k $7.1M
Advisor Group Holdings Mar 2023 198k $6.8M
Motley Fool Wealth Management Mar 2023 182k $6.2M
Portland Global Advisors Mar 2023 168k $5.8M
Addenda Capital Mar 2023 165k $5.7M
T. Rowe Price Associates Mar 2023 164k $5.6M
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Mar 2023 163k $5.6M
Us Bancorp Mar 2023 162k $5.5M
James Investment Research Mar 2023 154k $5.3M
Murphy Pohlad Asset Management Mar 2023 154k $5.3M
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Mar 2023 150k $5.1M
American Century Companies Mar 2023 147k $5.1M
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments Mar 2023 140k $4.8M
M^T Bank Corporation Mar 2023 139k $4.8M
O'shaughnessy Asset Management Mar 2023 127k $4.4M
Moors & Cabot Mar 2023 123k $4.2M
Scotia Capital Mar 2023 119k $4.1M
Trexquant Investment Mar 2023 113k $3.9M
Strategy Asset Managers Mar 2023 112k $3.8M
Walleye Trading Mar 2023 110k $3.8M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Mar 2023 109k $3.7M
Sawtooth Asset Management Mar 2023 105k $3.6M
Bleakley Financial Group Mar 2023 105k $3.6M
NorthCrest Asset Manangement Mar 2023 105k $3.6M
Commonwealth Equity Services Mar 2023 101k $3.5M
Optiver Holding B.V. Mar 2023 101k $3.4M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 100k $3.4M
First Republic Investment Management Mar 2023 99k $3.4M
Two Sigma Advisers Mar 2023 99k $3.4M
Orion Portfolio Solutions Mar 2023 96k $3.3M
Gabelli Funds Mar 2023 94k $3.2M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Mar 2023 87k $3.0M
Cardinal Capital Management Mar 2023 87k $3.0M
Old Mission Capital Mar 2023 76k $2.6M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Mar 2023 76k $2.6M
Vestmark Advisory Solutions Mar 2023 74k $2.5M
Comprehensive Portfolio Management Mar 2023 70k $2.4M
Naples Global Advisors Mar 2023 69k $2.4M
Legacy Wealth Asset Management Mar 2023 69k $2.4M
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Mar 2023 69k $2.3M
HighTower Advisors Mar 2023 67k $2.3M
Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management Mar 2023 67k $2.3M
Creative Planning Mar 2023 66k $2.2M
Penserra Capital Management Mar 2023 64k $2.2M
Squarepoint Ops Mar 2023 63k $2.2M
CIBC World Markets Mar 2023 58k $2.0M
SG Americas Securities Mar 2023 58k $2.0M
Veriti Management Mar 2023 57k $2.0M
Eqis Capital Management Mar 2023 57k $2.0M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Mar 2023 52k $1.8M
CI Private Wealth Mar 2023 51k $1.7M
JustInvest Mar 2023 49k $1.7M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Mar 2023 48k $1.7M
Wetherby Asset Management Mar 2023 46k $1.6M
Long Run Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 46k $1.6M
Gail Mannix Mar 2023 44k $1.5M
Richard P Slaughter Associates Mar 2023 43k $1.5M
Twin Tree Management Mar 2023 43k $1.5M
Susquehanna International Mar 2023 43k $1.5M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Mar 2023 42k $1.4M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Mar 2023 41k $1.4M
Atria Investments Mar 2023 41k $1.4M
Financial Network Investment Corporation Mar 2023 40k $1.4M
Roof Eidam & Maycock Mar 2023 39k $1.3M
D. J. St. Germain Dec 2022 39k $1.2M
Signature Mar 2023 38k $1.3M
Alaethes Wealth Mar 2023 38k $1.3M
Edgestream Partners Mar 2023 37k $1.3M
NewEdge Wealth Mar 2023 37k $1.3M
Capital Group Private Client Services Mar 2023 36k $1.2M
D. E. Shaw & Co Mar 2023 36k $1.2M
GAMCO Asset Management Mar 2023 36k $1.2M
Venturi Wealth Management Mar 2023 35k $1.2M
ALPS Advisors Mar 2023 35k $1.2M
Integrated Wealth Concepts Mar 2023 34k $1.2M
Coastline Trust Mar 2023 32k $1.1M
Private Advisor Mar 2023 31k $1.1M
Quantbot Technologies Mar 2023 31k $1.1M
Mitchell & Pahl Private Wealth Mar 2023 31k $1.1M
A. D. Beadell Investment Counsel Mar 2023 30k $1.0M
Pathstone Family Office Mar 2023 29k $1.0M
Schechter Investment Advisors Mar 2023 29k $1.0M
Vise Technologies Mar 2023 29k $994k
Arjuna Capital Mar 2023 28k $973k
Advisor Partners Ii Mar 2023 28k $965k
Sontag Advisory Mar 2023 27k $933k
Innovis Asset Management Mar 2023 27k $930k
PFG Advisors Mar 2023 27k $923k
Tudor Investment Corporation Mar 2023 27k $911k
Franklin Resources Mar 2023 27k $908k
NovaPoint Capital Mar 2023 26k $907k
Verdence Capital Advisors Mar 2023 26k $904k
BSW Wealth Partners Mar 2023 26k $896k
Abundance Wealth Counselors Mar 2023 25k $872k
Bowen, Hanes & Company Mar 2023 25k $849k
Malaga Cove Capital Mar 2023 25k $841k
Neuberger Berman Group Mar 2023 25k $840k
Sei Investments Mar 2023 24k $825k
180 Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 24k $818k
Walleye Trading Advisors Mar 2023 24k $816k
LVW Advisors Mar 2023 24k $805k
Archford Capital Strategies Mar 2023 23k $758k
Quadrant Capital Mar 2023 23k $781k
Blue Square Asset Management Mar 2023 22k $770k
Brighton Jones Mar 2023 22k $762k
Buckingham Strategic Partners Mar 2023 22k $755k
Columbia Asset Management Mar 2023 22k $754k
Beacon Pointe Advisors Mar 2023 22k $746k
Simmons Bank Mar 2023 22k $744k
Captrust Financial Advisors Mar 2023 21k $729k
Forum Financial Management Mar 2023 21k $727k
Thoroughbred Financial Services Mar 2023 21k $723k
Mount Yale Investment Advisors Mar 2023 21k $723k
Kestra Advisory Services Mar 2023 21k $717k
Valley National Advisers Mar 2023 21k $739k
AFS Financial Group Mar 2023 21k $711k
Investors Research Corp Mar 2023 21k $708k
First Manhattan Mar 2023 20k $693k
Sequoia Financial Advisors Mar 2023 20k $679k
Cutler Mar 2023 20k $674k
Forza Wealth Management Mar 2023 20k $673k
Freestone Capital Holdings Mar 2023 19k $667k
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Mar 2023 19k $661k
Campbell & Co. Investment Adviser Mar 2023 19k $656k
Steel Peak Wealth Management Mar 2023 18k $646k
Wellington Shields Capital Management Mar 2023 18k $628k
Jane Street Mar 2023 18k $622k
Caprock Mar 2023 18k $615k
Evergreen Capital Management Mar 2023 18k $625k
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Mar 2023 18k $603k
Parallel Advisors Mar 2023 18k $601k
H D Vest Advisory Services Mar 2023 17k $593k
Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company Mar 2023 17k $590k
Advisory Resource Group Mar 2023 17k $586k
Cubist Systematic Strategies Mar 2023 17k $582k
Mather Group Mar 2023 17k $572k
Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp Mar 2023 17k $566k
Cetera Investment Advisers Mar 2023 16k $555k
Herold Advisors Mar 2023 16k $545k
First Affirmative Financial Network Mar 2023 16k $543k
Checchi Capital Advisers Mar 2023 16k $543k
Park Avenue Securities Mar 2023 15k $527k
Capital Wealth Planning Mar 2023 15k $525k
Susquehanna International Securities Mar 2023 15k $519k
Charles Schwab Investment Management Mar 2023 15k $506k
Blueprint Investment Partners Mar 2023 15k $506k
Avestar Capital Mar 2023 14k $475k
Oppenheimer Asset Management Mar 2023 14k $474k
Glenmede Trust Company Mar 2023 14k $473k
Clarius Mar 2023 14k $472k
Advisory Services Network Mar 2023 14k $467k
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Mar 2023 13k $456k
Deschutes Portfolio Strategy Mar 2023 13k $449k
Bank Of Hawaii Mar 2023 13k $447k
Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services Mar 2023 13k $433k
Old National Trust Company Mar 2023 13k $429k
Harbour Capital Advisors Mar 2023 12k $423k
InTrack Investment Management Mar 2023 12k $418k
SeaCrest Wealth Management Mar 2023 12k $420k
Salem Investment Counselors Mar 2023 12k $419k
Americana Partners Mar 2023 12k $418k
AE Wealth Management Mar 2023 12k $411k
Snowden Capital Advisors Mar 2023 12k $407k
Bond & Devick Financial Network Mar 2023 12k $403k
ZB Mar 2023 12k $402k
Epoch Investment Partners Mar 2023 12k $398k
Beacon Investment Advisors Mar 2023 12k $396k
Auto-Owners Insurance Mar 2023 11k $384k
PDS Planning Mar 2023 11k $379k
Earnest Partners Mar 2023 11k $373k
Nicholas Hoffman & Company Mar 2023 11k $372k
Fifth Third Bancorp Mar 2023 11k $364k
Capital Fund Management Mar 2023 10k $356k
Whittier Trust Mar 2023 10k $355k
ZWJ Investment Counsel Mar 2023 10k $343k
Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc d/b/a Bay Colony Advisors Mar 2023 9.5k $320k
Tiemann Investment Advisors Mar 2023 9.4k $323k
Perigon Wealth Management Mar 2023 9.4k $322k
Ballentine Partners Mar 2023 9.1k $312k
We Are One Seven Mar 2023 8.8k $301k
Bailard Mar 2023 8.7k $300k
Vident Investment Advisory Mar 2023 8.5k $291k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Mar 2023 8.5k $291k
Dorchester Wealth Management Mar 2023 8.1k $278k
Ieq Capital Mar 2023 8.1k $278k
Gallacher Capital Management Mar 2023 8.0k $275k
Claro Advisors Mar 2023 7.9k $270k
Personal Cfo Solutions Mar 2023 7.9k $270k
First Personal Financial Services Mar 2023 7.9k $269k
Keybank National Association Mar 2023 7.6k $261k
Ellevest Mar 2023 7.5k $258k
Bradley, Foster & Sargent Mar 2023 7.5k $257k
Sigma Planning Mar 2023 7.5k $257k
Aaron Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 7.4k $255k
Seaward Management Limited Partnership Mar 2023 7.4k $253k
Northern Oak Capital Management Mar 2023 7.4k $253k
Premier Asset Management Dec 2022 7.4k $225k
Argonautica Private Wealth Management Mar 2023 7.3k $250k
Hm Payson & Co Mar 2023 7.1k $244k
Beverly Hills Private Wealth Mar 2023 7.1k $243k
Five Oceans Advisors Mar 2023 7.0k $239k
Wrapmanager Mar 2023 6.9k $236k
Covenant Partners Mar 2023 6.8k $234k
Harbor Investment Advisory Mar 2023 6.8k $234k
MQS Management Mar 2023 6.7k $230k
IFG Advisory Mar 2023 6.6k $226k
Greenleaf Trust Mar 2023 6.5k $225k
Nia Impact Advisors Mar 2023 6.5k $224k
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Mar 2023 6.4k $219k
Keel Point Mar 2023 6.3k $217k
Apeiron RIA Mar 2023 6.3k $216k
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Mar 2023 6.1k $209k
Mission Creek Capital Partners Mar 2023 6.0k $207k
EagleClaw Capital Managment Mar 2023 6.0k $206k
Cedar Brook Financial Partners Mar 2023 6.0k $204k
Marathon Capital Management Mar 2023 5.9k $202k
Belpointe Asset Management Mar 2023 5.7k $194k
CWM Mar 2023 3.9k $135k
Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Mar 2023 3.3k $114k
Wellington Shields & Co Mar 2023 3.1k $106k
Kistler-Tiffany Advsiors Mar 2023 3.0k $103k
Cedar Wealth Management Mar 2023 2.9k $100k
Blume Capital Management Mar 2023 2.8k $97k
Toronto-Dominion Bank Mar 2023 2.8k $96k
Private Trust Co Na Mar 2023 2.8k $96k
Hexagon Capital Partners Mar 2023 2.7k $93k
Endurance Wealth Management Mar 2023 2.6k $89k
Group One Trading Mar 2023 2.6k $88k
AdvisorNet Financial Mar 2023 2.3k $79k
Hanson McClain Advisors Mar 2023 2.2k $76k
Lindbrook Capital Mar 2023 2.2k $75k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 2.0k $70k
North Star Investment Management Mar 2023 2.0k $69k
Proequities Mar 2023 2.0k $69M
Goss Wealth Management Mar 2023 1.9k $66k
Ameritas Advisory Services Mar 2023 1.9k $66k
Harbour Investments Mar 2023 1.9k $64k
Eagle Bay Advisors Mar 2023 1.8k $63k
Ridgewood Investments Mar 2023 1.8k $62k
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Mar 2023 1.7k $58k
Global Retirement Partners Mar 2023 1.5k $53k
Park Place Capital Corp Mar 2023 1.4k $48k
Axa Mar 2023 1.3k $45k
Tower Research Capital Mar 2023 1.2k $42k
Stonebridge Capital Advisors Mar 2023 1.2k $40k
Cary Street Partners Asset Management Mar 2023 1.1k $38k
Compass Wealth Management Mar 2023 1.0k $34k
GoalVest Advisory Mar 2023 960.00 $33k
Larson Financial Group Mar 2023 874.00 $30k
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Mar 2023 871.00 $30k
Gradient Investments Mar 2023 826.00 $28k
Aquatic Capital Management Mar 2023 800.00 $27k
Column Capital Advisors Mar 2023 780.00 $27k
Coppell Advisory Solutions Corp. Dec 2022 750.00 $23k
Plante Moran Financial Advisors Mar 2023 717.00 $25k
MV Capital Management Mar 2023 600.00 $21k
Grey Fox Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 535.00 $18k
Milestone Investment Advisors Mar 2023 500.00 $17k
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Mar 2023 489.00 $17k
HHM Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 488.00 $17k
Sageworth Trust Company Mar 2023 461.00 $16k
Hartland & Co Mar 2023 406.00 $14k
New Hampshire Trust Mar 2023 405.00 $14k
Zrc Wealth Management Mar 2023 400.00 $14k
TCTC Holdings Mar 2023 400.00 $14k
JFS Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 397.00 $14k
Bogart Wealth Mar 2023 380.00 $13k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Mar 2023 349.00 $12k
Jones Financial Companies, L.L Mar 2023 349.00 $12k
Coastal Capital Group Mar 2023 340.00 $12k
Syverson Strege & Co Mar 2023 332.00 $11k
Maryland Capital Advisors Mar 2023 300.00 $10k
TD Capital Management Mar 2023 300.00 $10k
Capital Advisors Mar 2023 300.00 $10k
RFP Financial Group Mar 2023 259.00 $8.9k
City Holding Mar 2023 250.00 $8.6k
Center for Financial Planning Mar 2023 238.00 $8.2k
Schubert & Co Mar 2023 216.00 $7.4k
Farmers & Merchants Trust Co of Chambersburg PA Mar 2023 204.00 $7.0k
Central Trust & Investment Mar 2023 200.00 $6.9k
Versant Capital Management Mar 2023 188.00 $6.5k
Bell Investment Advisors Mar 2023 176.00 $6.0k
Kb Financial Partners Mar 2023 174.00 $6.0k
Beacon Capital Management Mar 2023 159.00 $5.4k
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Mar 2023 150.00 $5.1k
Tortoise Investment Management Mar 2023 141.00 $4.8k
Concord Wealth Partners Mar 2023 123.00 $4.2k
Evermay Wealth Management Mar 2023 120.00 $4.2k
Raleigh Capital Management Mar 2023 116.00 $4.0k
ICA Group Wealth Management Mar 2023 108.00 $3.7k
Armstrong Advisory Group Mar 2023 100.00 $3.4k
CoreFirst Bank & Trust Mar 2023 100.00 $3.4k
Key FInancial Mar 2023 96.00 $3.3k
DecisionPoint Financial Mar 2023 96.00 $3.3k
AllSquare Wealth Management Mar 2023 90.00 $3.1k
Baystate Wealth Management Mar 2023 86.00 $3.0k
Farmers & Merchants Investment Mar 2023 58.00 $2.0k
Fortis Capital Advisors Mar 2023 56.00 $1.9k