Who owns Special Opportunities Fund?

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Top investors of Special Opportunities Fund stock

Who bought or sold Special Opportunities Fund this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Relative Value Partners 3.4M $52M -5% Sep 2021
Rivernorth Capital Management 952k $15M 100% Sep 2021
Epiq Partners 441k $6.8M 33% Sep 2021
CSS 286k $4.4M 187% Sep 2021
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management 277k $4.3M 130% Sep 2021
Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors 211k $3.2M -3% Sep 2021
Ancora Advisors 86k $1.3M 20% Sep 2021
Robinson Capital Management 77k $1.2M -16% Sep 2021
Scotia Capital 70k $1.1M 1% Sep 2021
Private Advisor 50k $772k 246% Sep 2021
Raymond James & Associates 50k $772k -3% Sep 2021

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SkyView Investment Advisors 50k $765k 100% Sep 2021
First Manhattan 47k $722k 189% Sep 2021
Advisor Group Holdings 39k $618k -22% Sep 2021
Wells Fargo & Company 34k $515k 68% Sep 2021
Landscape Capital Management 23k $354k -87% Sep 2021
Calton & Associates 21k $330k -3% Dec 2021
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers 18k $278k 100% Sep 2021
Sowell Financial Services 17k $267k 0% Sep 2021
Harbour Investments 12k $186k 2% Sep 2021
U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors 12k $185k 0% Dec 2021
Dynamic Advisors Solutions 11k $175k 0% Sep 2021
Wealth Dimensions Group 11k $165k 0% Sep 2021
Steward Partners Investment Advisory 8.6k $132k 100% Sep 2021
UBS Group 7.6k $117k 14% Sep 2021
Crewe Advisors 7.0k $107k 0% Sep 2021
Geneos Wealth Management 2.7k $42k 0% Sep 2021
Lindbrook Capital 2.5k $39k 1% Dec 2021
Wagner Wealth Management 2.4k $39k 0% Sep 2021
Winmill & Co 2.0k $31k 0% Sep 2021
Gemmer Asset Management 1.3k $19k 100% Dec 2021
JNBA Financial Advisors 1.0k $16k 2% Sep 2021
Crescent Capital Consulting 1.0k $15k 0% Dec 2021
Ahrens Investment Partners 500.00 $8.0k 100% Dec 2021
TFC Financial Management 164.00 $3.0k 0% Sep 2021

Who sold out of Special Opportunities Fund?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Shaker Financial Services Jun 2021 255k $3.9M
Wolverine Asset Management Jun 2021 43k $650k
Clough Capital Partners Jun 2021 38k $583k
Mid Atlantic Financial Management Jun 2021 17k $255k
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2021 5.0k $76k
Advisory Services Network Jun 2021 4.8k $72k