Who owns Ishares Tr Index option?

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Top investors of Ishares Tr Index option stock

Who bought or sold Ishares Tr Index option this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 26M $1.9B 45% Mar 2021
Optiver Holding B.V. 8.5M $670M 19% Jun 2021
Allianz Asset Management 6.3M $919M 57% Jun 2021
Wells Fargo & Company 4.1M $1.6B 100% Jun 2021
SG Americas Securities 3.9M $18M -7% Jun 2021
Mason Capital Management 3.9M $892M 100% Jun 2021
IMC-Chicago 2.8M $223M -5% Jun 2021
CTC 1.6M $37M -14% Jun 2021
Pura Vida Investments 800k $184M 100% Jun 2021
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 475k $38M 100% Jun 2021
Swan Wealth Advisors 446k $33M 3% Jun 2021

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HN Saltoro Capital 410k $94M -50% Jun 2021
HBK Investments 316k $72M -68% Jun 2021
Athanor Capital 282k $65M -43% Jun 2021
Amia Capital 210k $48M 100% Jun 2021
Maven Securities 187k $25M 281% Jun 2021
Worth Venture Partners 175k $577k 100% Jun 2021
Caz Investments 100k $23M 0% Jun 2021
Sound Point Capital Management 60k $14M 33% Jun 2021
Armistice Capital 27k $619M 100% Jun 2021
Hudson Bay Capital Management 18k $4.0M 100% Jun 2021
All Terrain Financial Advisors 16k $1.2M -5% Jun 2021
Franklin Street Capital Partners 13k $3.5M 108% Jun 2021
Ancora Advisors 12k $118k -14% Jun 2021
Lonestar Capital Management 10k $229M 150% Jun 2021
Sepio Capital 10k $2.3M 100% Jun 2021
Stamina Capital Management 5.0k $115k 100% Jun 2021
Tamarack Advisers 5.0k $470k 25% Jun 2021
Marathon Trading Investment Management 3.3k $805k 100% Jun 2021
Sagil Capital 1.9k $920k 302% Jun 2021
Sabby Management 1.3k $30M -38% Jun 2021
G&S Capital 800.00 $8.0k 100% Jun 2021
Bracebridge Capital 475.00 $11M 100% Jun 2021

Who sold out of Ishares Tr Index option?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Gladius Capital Management Mar 2021 890k $197M
Hrt Financial Mar 2021 560k $124M
Invenomic Capital Management Mar 2021 448k $99M
Waddell & Reed Financial Dec 2020 125k $25M
Pentwater Capital Management Mar 2021 50k $11M
Otter Creek Advisors Mar 2021 16k $3.5M
Sycale Advisors Mar 2021 700.00 $63k
Boothbay Fund Management Mar 2021 604.00 $21M