Aries Wealth Management

Latest statistics and disclosures from Aries Wealth Management's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are ISTB, SCHM, IYR, AGG, IJR, and represent 26.01% of Aries Wealth Management's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: ISTB (+$13M), SCHM (+$13M), IYR (+$13M), AGG (+$10M), IJR (+$9.9M), IWB (+$9.2M), IVV (+$9.0M), HYG (+$7.9M), IJH (+$7.7M), SCHH (+$7.6M).
  • Started 55 new stock positions in AMGN, SHM, SCHG, SCHA, IEMG, EFG, PSR, ISTB, IEI, IUSG.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: AAPL (-$15M), , MSFT (-$10M), VB (-$8.1M), VO (-$6.7M), VUG (-$6.4M), HD (-$6.2M), , JNJ (-$5.1M), IGSB.
  • Sold out of its positions in T, ABT, ABBV, ADBE, AKAM, ALL, GOOG, AEP, AXP, AMT.
  • Aries Wealth Management was a net seller of stock by $-29M.
  • Aries Wealth Management has $231M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -11.97%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001729515

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Portfolio Holdings for Aries Wealth Management

Companies in the Aries Wealth Management portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Tr Core 1 5 Yr Usd (ISTB) 5.8 $13M NEW 277k 48.46
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Mid-cap Etf (SCHM) 5.8 $13M NEW 177k 75.86
Ishares Tr U.s. Real Es Etf (IYR) 5.5 $13M NEW 118k 108.22
Ishares Tr Core Us Aggbd Et (AGG) 4.4 $10M NEW 96k 107.10
Ishares Tr Core S&p Scp Etf (IJR) 4.4 $10M +3413% 95k 107.88
Ishares Tr Rus 1000 Etf (IWB) 4.0 $9.2M NEW 37k 250.06
Ishares Tr Core S&p500 Etf (IVV) 4.0 $9.2M +4332% 20k 453.67
Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd Etf (HYG) 3.4 $7.9M NEW 96k 82.30
Vanguard Index Fds Real Estate Etf (VNQ) 3.4 $7.9M +2776% 73k 108.37
Ishares Tr Core S&p Mcp Etf (IJH) 3.4 $7.9M +3994% 29k 268.35
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Reit Etf (SCHH) 3.3 $7.6M NEW 307k 24.89
Flexshares Tr Mornstar Upstr (GUNR) 3.3 $7.6M NEW 162k 46.83
Ishares Tr Select Divid Etf (DVY) 3.2 $7.3M NEW 57k 128.13
Ishares Tr Jpmorgan Usd Emg (EMB) 3.1 $7.1M NEW 73k 97.76

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Ishares Tr S&p Mc 400vl Etf (IJJ) 3.1 $7.0M NEW 64k 109.65
Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) 2.4 $5.6M NEW 81k 69.51
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Lrg Cap Etf (SCHX) 2.4 $5.5M NEW 101k 53.85
Ishares Tr Eafe Sml Cp Etf (SCZ) 2.3 $5.4M NEW 81k 66.35
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Aggregate B (SCHZ) 2.3 $5.3M NEW 104k 50.57
Ishares Core Msci Emkt (IEMG) 2.2 $5.0M NEW 90k 55.55
Ishares Tr Intl Trea Bd Etf (IGOV) 2.0 $4.6M NEW 99k 46.45
Ishares Tr Calif Mun Bd Etf (CMF) 2.0 $4.5M NEW 78k 58.18
Ishares Tr Eafe Grwth Etf (EFG) 1.8 $4.1M NEW 43k 96.27
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit (SPY) 1.7 $3.9M -25% 8.5k 451.64
Schwab Strategic Tr Emrg Mkteq Etf (SCHE) 1.6 $3.7M NEW 135k 27.77
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 (QQQ) 1.4 $3.1M +848% 8.7k 362.52
Ishares Em Mkt Sm-cp Etf (EEMS) 1.2 $2.8M NEW 50k 57.00
Ishares Tr Shrt Nat Mun Etf (SUB) 1.1 $2.6M NEW 25k 104.61
Schwab Strategic Tr Intl Eqty Etf (SCHF) 1.1 $2.6M NEW 70k 36.71
Ishares Tr Iboxx Inv Cp Etf (LQD) 1.0 $2.2M NEW 18k 120.93
Ishares Tr Core S&p Us Gwt (IUSG) 0.9 $2.2M NEW 20k 105.66
Invesco Exch Traded Fd Tr Ii Fndmntl Hy Crp (PHB) 0.9 $2.1M NEW 116k 18.37
Invesco Exch Traded Fd Tr Ii Emrng Mkt Svrg (PCY) 0.9 $2.0M NEW 89k 22.61
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Sml Cap Etf (SCHA) 0.7 $1.7M NEW 36k 47.35
Ishares Tr Ishs 5-10yr Invt (IGIB) 0.6 $1.5M NEW 27k 54.85
Invesco Exchange Traded Fd T S&p500 Buy Wrt (PBP) 0.6 $1.4M NEW 61k 23.26
Apple (AAPL) 0.6 $1.3M -91% 7.6k 174.59
Spdr Ser Tr S&p 400 Mdcp Val (MDYV) 0.6 $1.3M NEW 19k 70.39
Amazon (AMZN) 0.5 $1.2M -69% 380.00 3260.53
Ishares Tr 3 7 Yr Treas Bd (IEI) 0.5 $1.1M NEW 9.4k 122.04
Schwab Strategic Tr Intl Sceqt Etf (SCHC) 0.4 $866k NEW 23k 37.98
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 0.4 $831k -92% 2.7k 308.23
Ishares Tr Ishs 1-5yr Invs (IGSB) 0.4 $822k -85% 16k 51.71
Ishares Tr Esg Awr Us Agrgt (EAGG) 0.4 $811k NEW 16k 51.65
Spdr Ser Tr Bloomberg Intl (IBND) 0.3 $770k NEW 24k 31.90
Charles Schwab Corporation (SCHW) 0.3 $768k NEW 9.1k 84.29
Spdr Ser Tr Nuveen Blmbrg Sh (SHM) 0.3 $704k NEW 15k 47.32
Visa Com Cl A (V) 0.3 $691k -76% 3.1k 221.90
Accenture Plc Ireland Shs Class A (ACN) 0.3 $627k -52% 1.9k 337.10
Spdr Index Shs Fds S&p Emktsc Etf (EWX) 0.2 $571k NEW 10k 56.68
Ishares Tr Esg Awre 1 5 Yr (SUSB) 0.2 $567k NEW 23k 24.62
Vanguard Index Fds Mid Cap Etf (VO) 0.2 $553k -92% 2.3k 237.95
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del Cl B New (BRK.B) 0.2 $475k -61% 1.3k 353.16
Schwab Strategic Tr 1000 Index Etf (SCHK) 0.2 $422k NEW 9.6k 44.05
Ishares Tr Russell 2000 Etf (IWM) 0.2 $386k NEW 1.9k 205.43
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Lcap Gr Etf (SCHG) 0.2 $381k NEW 5.1k 74.85
Ishares Tr Esg Aware Msci (ESML) 0.2 $373k NEW 9.8k 38.03
Ishares Tr 0-5yr Hi Yl Cp (SHYG) 0.2 $372k NEW 8.5k 43.95
Ishares Tr Esg Msci Leadr (SUSL) 0.2 $351k NEW 4.4k 79.27
Sempra Energy (SRE) 0.2 $351k NEW 2.1k 168.35
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 0.2 $348k NEW 323.00 1077.40
Amphenol Corp Cl A (APH) 0.1 $335k NEW 4.5k 75.26
Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) 0.1 $317k -42% 3.5k 91.09
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Dividend Eq (SCHD) 0.1 $316k NEW 4.0k 78.88
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl A (GOOGL) 0.1 $303k -91% 109.00 2779.82
Ishares Tr Pfd And Incm Sec (PFF) 0.1 $299k NEW 8.2k 36.48
Amgen (AMGN) 0.1 $290k NEW 1.2k 241.67
Spdr Ser Tr Portfolio S&p400 (SPMD) 0.1 $271k NEW 5.8k 47.08
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Allwrld Ex Us (VEU) 0.1 $260k -68% 4.5k 57.62
Ishares Tr Usd Grn Bond Etf (BGRN) 0.1 $243k NEW 4.8k 50.69
Qualcomm (QCOM) 0.1 $233k -9% 1.5k 152.79
Invesco Actively Managed Etf Active Us Real (PSR) 0.1 $224k NEW 2.0k 111.83
Ishares Tr Esg Aw Msci Eafe (ESGD) 0.1 $213k NEW 2.9k 73.65

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