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Top investors of Bluescape Opportunities Acq Cl A Ord stock

Who bought or sold BLUESCAPE OPPORTUNITIES ACQ CL A ORD this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Naya Capital Management Uk 9.1M $90M -6% Mar 2022
D. E. Shaw & Co 3.9M $38M 5% Mar 2022
Brahman Capital Corp. 3.0M $29M -20% Dec 2021
Electron Capital Partners 2.5M $25M 0% Mar 2022
Nomura Holdings 2.4M $24M -26% Mar 2022
Millennium Management 2.3M $22M -29% Mar 2022
Saba Capital Management 2.1M $21M 100% Mar 2022
Zimmer Partners 2.1M $21M 100% Mar 2022
OZ Management 1.6M $16M 108% Mar 2022
Cinctive Capital Management 1.3M $13M 0% Dec 2021
Corvex Management 1.0M $9.9M 0% Mar 2022

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Wellington Management Company 759k $7.4M -49% Dec 2021
Aristeia Capital 736k $7.3M 0% Mar 2022
Jane Street 688k $6.8M 0% Mar 2022
RP Investment Advisors 505k $5.0M 100% Mar 2022
Verition Fund Management 486k $4.8M 0% Mar 2022
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co 466k $4.6M 100% Mar 2022
Bank of America Corporation 431k $4.2M 100% Dec 2021
Beryl Capital Management 380k $3.7M 0% Mar 2022
Antara Capital 300k $3.0M 100% Mar 2022
Glazer Capital 299k $3.0M -28% Mar 2022
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 299k $3.0M -31% Mar 2022
HGC Investment Management 265k $2.6M 0% Mar 2022
Spring Creek Capital 200k $2.0M 0% Mar 2022
Seven Grand Managers 200k $2.0M 100% Mar 2022
Citadel Advisors 184k $1.8M 0% Mar 2022
Cohanzick Management 179k $1.8M 100% Mar 2022
Goldman Sachs Group 156k $1.5M 47% Mar 2022
Karpus Investment Management 150k $1.5M 100% Mar 2022
Shaolin Capital Management 150k $1.5M 100% Mar 2022
CSS 129k $1.3M -8% Mar 2022
Kawa Capital Management 100k $986k 100% Mar 2022
Ramius 100k $986k 0% Mar 2022
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 100k $986k 0% Mar 2022
SkyView Investment Advisors 96k $949k 89% Mar 2022
Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Adviser 78k $770k 0% Mar 2022
PEAK6 Investments 76k $745k 0% Mar 2022
Berkley W R 75k $736k 0% Mar 2022
Toronto-Dominion Bank 53k $519k 0% Mar 2022
Privium Fund Management 51k $502k 100% Mar 2022
Marathon Trading Investment Management 39k $382k 0% Dec 2021
Landscape Capital Management 16k $157k 1% Mar 2022
Magnetar Financial 16k $156k -81% Mar 2022
First Manhattan 13k $128k 298% Mar 2022
Old Mission Capital 11k $112k 100% Mar 2022
Morgan Stanley 9.2k $92k 100% Mar 2022
Penserra Capital Management 7.6k $74k -43% Mar 2022
Exos Asset Management 5.8k $58k -34% Mar 2022
PenderFund Capital Management 1.3k $16k 0% Mar 2022
FNY Investment Advisers 1.2k $11k -14% Mar 2022

Who sold out of Bluescape Opportunities Acq Cl A Ord?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Serengeti Asset Management Sep 2021 5.2M $51M
Blackstone Group Dec 2021 2.0M $20M
Diameter Capital Partners Dec 2021 315k $3.1M
Luminus Management Dec 2021 251k $2.5M
Tortoise Capital Advisors Sep 2021 161k $1.6M
Dark Forest Capital Management Dec 2021 41k $401k
Qube Research & Technologies Dec 2021 38k $369k
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2021 20k $195k