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Top investors of First Tr Exchng Traded Fd Vi stock

Who bought or sold FIRST TR EXCHNG TRADED FD VI this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Multi-Financial Securities 606k $19M 53% Dec 2022
Commonwealth Equity Services 563k $17M 3% Dec 2022
Advisor Group Holdings 425k $13M -10% Dec 2022
First Heartland Consultants 305k $9.3M 37% Dec 2022
Financial Guidance Group 266k $8.2M -4% Dec 2022
Financial Network Investment Corporation 254k $7.8M 10% Dec 2022
IFP Advisors 217k $6.4M 90% Dec 2022
Cetera Investment Advisers 128k $3.9M 9% Dec 2022
Maltin Wealth Management 113k $3.5M 13% Dec 2022
Millington Financial Advisors 98k $3.0M 100% Dec 2022
Kestra Advisory Services 82k $2.5M 174% Dec 2022

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Grant Street Asset Management 67k $2.0M 93% Dec 2022
HBK Sorce Advisory 65k $2.0M 151% Dec 2022
Envestnet Asset Management 62k $1.9M -4% Dec 2022
Trustcore Financial Services 54k $1.6M 1% Dec 2022
Bouchey Financial 47k $1.4M -28% Dec 2022
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management 38k $1.2M 18% Dec 2022
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory 35k $1.1M 0% Dec 2022
Stratos Wealth Advisors 31k $948k 49% Dec 2022
Wealthsource Partners 30k $923k -63% Dec 2022
Advisor Resource Council 29k $888k 20% Dec 2022
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 26k $789k 3% Dec 2022
Crosspoint Financial 23k $707k 100% Dec 2022
Crown Wealth Group 23k $693k -58% Dec 2022
American Portfolios Advisors 18k $526k 8% Sep 2022
Cambridge Advisors 18k $555k 1% Dec 2022
Lincoln National 16k $480k -23% Dec 2022
Mariner Wealth Advisors 15k $464k 100% Dec 2022
Private Advisory 12k $374k 0% Dec 2022
H D Vest Advisory Services 11k $339k 100% Dec 2022
Main Street Financial Solutions 11k $334k 0% Dec 2022
Arlington Capital Management 10k $312k 100% Dec 2022
AE Wealth Management 8.0k $244k 100% Dec 2022
National Asset Management 7.0k $216k -19% Dec 2022
Resources Investment Advisors 7.0k $215k -30% Dec 2022
Citadel Advisors 6.8k $208k 100% Dec 2022
Integrity Financial Corp 3.5k $109k 0% Dec 2022
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 3.4k $105k 100% Dec 2022
Advisory Services Network 1.6k $50k 100% Dec 2022
Spire Wealth Management 1.3k $38k 100% Dec 2022
Goss Wealth Management 832.00 $26k 100% Dec 2022
Money Concepts Capital Corp 91.00 $2.8k 100% Dec 2022

Who sold out of First Tr Exchng Traded Fd Vi?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Susquehanna International Sep 2022 29k $829k