Who owns Burning Rock Biotech Adr Rep Ord sponsored adr?

Top investors of Burning Rock Biotech Adr Rep Ord stock

Who bought or sold Burning Rock Biotech Adr Rep Ord sponsored adr this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
OrbiMed Advisors 4.7M $119M 0% Sep 2020
Casdin Capital 1.9M $48M 11% Sep 2020
Matthews International Capital Management 1.4M $35M -24% Sep 2020
Baillie Gifford & Co 1.0M $25M 41% Sep 2020
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 850k $21M 0% Sep 2020
T. Rowe Price Associates 754k $19M -4% Sep 2020
Ameriprise Financial 724k $18M 226% Sep 2020
Jennison Associates 605k $15M 28% Sep 2020
Hudson Bay Capital Management 589k $15M 10% Sep 2020
Hsbc Holdings 495k $12M 100% Sep 2020
Hillhouse Capital Advisors 400k $10M 0% Sep 2020

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FMR 306k $7.7M -32% Sep 2020
Aspex Management 292k $7.3M 0% Sep 2020
Baker Bros. Advisors 237k $6.0M -5% Sep 2020
Asymmetry Capital Management 217k $5.5M 100% Sep 2020
Sc China Holding 212k $5.3M 0% Sep 2020
Pura Vida Investments 177k $4.4M 100% Sep 2020
Millennium Management 168k $4.2M -37% Sep 2020
Perceptive Advisors 150k $3.8M 0% Sep 2020
Bellevue Group 147k $3.7M 226% Sep 2020
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 133k $3.2M -73% Sep 2020
Greenwoods Asset Management 100k $2.5M -20% Sep 2020
Marshall Wace Asia 64k $1.6M 100% Sep 2020
Hamilton Lane Advisors 44k $1.0M 100% Dec 2020
TD Asset Management 42k $1.1M 0% Sep 2020
Marshall Wace 37k $927k 100% Sep 2020
Goldman Sachs Group 34k $851k 13% Sep 2020
Rtw Investments 30k $752k 0% Sep 2020
Massachusetts Financial Services 20k $512k 100% Sep 2020
Axa 20k $502k 100% Sep 2020
Springbok Capital Management 12k $310k 100% Sep 2020
D. E. Shaw & Co 11k $268k 100% Sep 2020
Parametric Portfolio Associates 11k $263k 100% Sep 2020
Vident Investment Advisory 10k $261k 100% Sep 2020
Hershey Trust Company 6.1k $142k 100% Dec 2020
Morgan Stanley 3.6k $90k 343% Sep 2020
Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co 1.3k $33k -39% Sep 2020
Bank of America Corporation 125.00 $3.0k 100% Sep 2020

Who sold out of Burning Rock Biotech Adr Rep Ord?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Cormorant Asset Management Jun 2020 250k $6.8M
Rock Springs Capital Management Jun 2020 200k $5.4M
Redmile Group Jun 2020 134k $3.6M
Caas Capital Management Jun 2020 70k $1.9M
Atom Investors Jun 2020 58k $1.6M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Jun 2020 55k $1.5M
Hound Partners Jun 2020 48k $1.3M
Marshall Wace North America Jun 2020 43k $1.2M
Eversept Partners Jun 2020 30k $810k
Pinz Capital Management Jun 2020 30k $810k
Monashee Investment Management Jun 2020 30k $810k
Alyeska Investment Group Jun 2020 20k $545k
Zimmer Partners Jun 2020 20k $540k
Citadel Advisors Jun 2020 20k $540k
Jericho Capital Asset Management Jun 2020 20k $540k
Jane Street Jun 2020 14k $371k
S.A.C. Capital Advisors Jun 2020 7.9k $214k
Geode Capital Management Jun 2020 7.4k $200k
UBS Group Jun 2020 3.3k $89k
Cubist Systematic Strategies Jun 2020 405.00 $11k