Who owns First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii shrt dur mng mun?

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Top investors of First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii shrt dur mng mun stock

Who bought or sold First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii shrt dur mng mun this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
LPL Financial 536k $11M 102% Mar 2021
Principle Wealth Partners 167k $3.5M 51% Mar 2021
Janney Montgomery Scott 129k $2.7M 8% Mar 2021
Royal Bank of Canada 112k $2.3M 44% Mar 2021
Commonwealth Equity Services 107k $2.2M 9% Mar 2021
Advisor Group Holdings 98k $2.0M 39% Mar 2021
Northwest Wealth Management 91k $1.9M 0% Mar 2021
Barber Financial 82k $1.7M 43% Mar 2021
Atria Investments 72k $1.5M 12% Mar 2021
G&S Capital 66k $1.4M -53% Mar 2021
Stratos Wealth Partners 63k $1.3M 2% Mar 2021

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Raymond James & Associates 63k $1.3M 107% Mar 2021
Kestra Advisory Services 59k $1.2M 98% Mar 2021
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 54k $1.1M -5% Mar 2021
DHJJ Financial Advisors 48k $1.0M 3% Mar 2021
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 41k $842k 11% Mar 2021
Strategic Wealth Advisors 40k $841k 9% Mar 2021
LexAurum Advisors 37k $777k -15% Mar 2021
LVZ Advisors 25k $509k 0% Mar 2021
Financial Advocates Investment Management 24k $490k 55% Mar 2021
Sigma Planning 21k $446k 25% Mar 2021
Alta Wealth Advisors 20k $422k 32% Mar 2021
Moloney Securities Asset Management 18k $372k 0% Mar 2021
Cedar Brook Financial Partners 18k $366k -72% Mar 2021
Flow Traders US 17k $352k 12% Dec 2020
Resources Investment Advisors 14k $291k -50% Mar 2021
Condor Capital Management 14k $286k 100% Mar 2021
Advisory Services Network 13k $260k 120% Mar 2021
Total Clarity Wealth Management 11k $229k 0% Mar 2021
Main Street Financial Solutions 11k $229k 0% Mar 2021
Jacobi Capital Management 10k $208k 0% Mar 2021
Strategic Blueprint 9.9k $207k 100% Mar 2021
Financial Enhancement 9.3k $193k 0% Mar 2021
Larson Financial Group 6.6k $137k 52% Mar 2021
Wagner Wealth Management 4.4k $91k 100% Mar 2021
Capital Investment Advisory Services 3.0k $62k 0% Mar 2021
CWM 959.00 $20k 100% Mar 2021
Vectors Research Management 559.00 $12k 100% Dec 2020
Proequities 200.00 $4.0k 0% Mar 2021
Wells Fargo & Company 1.00 $0 0% Mar 2021

Who sold out of First Tr Exch Traded Fd Iii shrt dur mng mun?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Avestar Capital Dec 2020 40k $834k
Jane Street Dec 2020 31k $653k
UBS Group Dec 2020 204.00 $4.0k
Fieldpoint Private Securities Dec 2020 24.00 $1.0k