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Top investors of Ft Cboe Vst Us Eqy Enh And Mdrt Etf stock

Who bought or sold FT CBOE VST US EQY ENH AND MDRT ETF this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Prostatis Group 4.6M $4.8M 100% Dec 2022
Advisor Group Holdings 1.6M $47M 4770% Dec 2022
Bouchey Financial 741k $22M -7% Dec 2022
Multi-Financial Securities 651k $19M 112% Dec 2022
Financial Advisory Corp 638k $19M 100% Dec 2022
Janney Montgomery Scott 430k $13M 100% Dec 2022
Kestra Advisory Services 416k $12M 2716% Dec 2022
Envestnet Asset Management 342k $10M 1289% Dec 2022
Kestra Private Wealth Services 324k $9.6M 100% Dec 2022
Branch Banking & Trust Company 280k $8.3M 100% Dec 2022
Onyx Bridge Wealth Group 262k $7.9M 100% Dec 2022

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Commonwealth Equity Services 140k $4.2M 16% Dec 2022
Mutual Advisors 116k $3.5M 100% Dec 2022
First Heartland Consultants 106k $3.2M 100% Dec 2022
Lincoln National 83k $2.5M 13% Dec 2022
H D Vest Advisory Services 72k $2.1M 143% Dec 2022
Main Street Financial Solutions 68k $2.0M 361% Dec 2022
AE Wealth Management 66k $2.0M 100% Dec 2022
Grant Street Asset Management 62k $1.8M -86% Dec 2022
Wealthsource Partners 48k $1.4M 100% Dec 2022
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 47k $1.4M 102% Dec 2022
American Portfolios Advisors 46k $1.3M 0% Sep 2022
Cetera Investment Advisers 36k $1.1M 43% Dec 2022
National Asset Management 33k $982k 100% Dec 2022
InterOcean Capital Group 33k $976k 100% Dec 2022
Goss Wealth Management 31k $924k -64% Dec 2022
Cambridge Advisors 31k $920k 100% Dec 2022
Insight Advisors, LLC/ PA 30k $888k 100% Dec 2022
IFP Advisors 22k $669k 100% Dec 2022
Jaffetilchin Investment Partners 19k $552k 26% Dec 2022
Berson & Corrado Investment Advisors 17k $517k -22% Dec 2022
Financial Network Investment Corporation 17k $517k 100% Dec 2022
Keystone Wealth Services 16k $479k -90% Dec 2022
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory 16k $460k -72% Dec 2022
Wolverine Trading 15k $455k 100% Dec 2022
Silver Oak Securities 14k $427k 100% Dec 2022
Private Advisory 12k $358k -3% Dec 2022
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management 11k $318k 100% Dec 2022
Arlington Capital Management 11k $314k 100% Dec 2022
Cedar Brook Financial Partners 9.4k $278k 100% Dec 2022
Centaurus Financial 8.4k $250k 0% Dec 2022
Echo Wealth Management 8.3k $253k 100% Dec 2022
Proequities 6.4k $190M 100% Dec 2022
Wagner Wealth Management 5.9k $176k 100% Dec 2022
Capital Analysts 4.5k $134k 0% Dec 2022
Belpointe Asset Management 3.4k $101k 100% Dec 2022
Harbour Investments 2.7k $79k -92% Dec 2022
Spire Wealth Management 2.2k $64k 807% Dec 2022
AdvisorNet Financial 1.9k $57k -24% Dec 2022
Integrity Financial Corp 1.5k $46k 121% Dec 2022

Who sold out of Ft Cboe Vst Us Eqy Enh And Mdrt Etf?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Citadel Advisors Jun 2022 20k $554k
Crown Wealth Group Sep 2022 11k $293k