Who owns Aptus Defined Risk Etf exchange traded funds?

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Top investors of Aptus Defined Risk Etf exchange traded funds stock

Who bought or sold Aptus Defined Risk Etf exchange traded funds this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Aptus Capital Advisors 9.0M $266M 3% Jun 2021
Sugarloaf Wealth Management 2.4M $72M 2427966% Jun 2021
MBE Wealth Management 849k $25M 14% Jun 2021
Precision Wealth Strategies 837k $25M -19% Jun 2021
Fiduciary Planning 812k $24M 100% Jun 2021
Feltz Wealth PLAN 752k $22M -1% Jun 2021
Envestnet Asset Management 423k $13M 1% Jun 2021
HighTower Advisors 406k $12M 3% Jun 2021
Edmonds Duncan Registered Investment Advisors 401k $12M 11% Jun 2021
Garrett Investment Advisors 195k $5.8M 2% Jun 2021
One + One Wealth Management 186k $5.5M 17% Jun 2021

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AE Wealth Management 164k $4.8M -20% Jun 2021
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 159k $4.7M 0% Jun 2021
Advisor Group Holdings 144k $4.3M -63% Jun 2021
Multi-Financial Securities 123k $3.6M 47% Jun 2021
SkyView Investment Advisors 105k $3.1M 0% Jun 2021
Commonwealth Equity Services 104k $3.1M 2% Jun 2021
RDA Financial Network 103k $3.1M 0% Jun 2021
Jacobi Capital Management 89k $2.6M 111% Jun 2021
Livingston Group Asset Management 83k $2.4M 4% Jun 2021
LPL Financial 78k $2.3M -31% Jun 2021
CWM 78k $2.3M 0% Jun 2021
Keel Point 71k $2.4k 100% Jun 2021
Wealth Enhancement & Preservation of GA 65k $1.9M 100% Jun 2021
Raymond James & Associates 49k $1.5M 115% Jun 2021
Lincoln National 47k $1.4M 16% Jun 2021
Elevated Capital Advisors 44k $1.3M 100% Mar 2021
Intl Fcstone 33k $969k 6% Jun 2021
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 30k $893k 255% Jun 2021
Koshinski Asset Management 27k $812k 100% Jun 2021
Prospera Financial Services 26k $773k 5% Jun 2021
Old Mission Capital 25k $728k -45% Jun 2021
Citadel Advisors 22k $647k 100% Jun 2021
Founders Financial Alliance 21k $606k 91% Jun 2021
BBK Capital Partners 14k $406k -88% Jun 2021
Susquehanna International 13k $382k 0% Jun 2021
Dynamic Advisors Solutions 12k $350k -1% Jun 2021
Pasadena Private Wealth 10k $300k -96% Jun 2021
Ameritas Investment Corp 8.7k $878k 0% Jun 2021
Sigma Planning 8.5k $253k 100% Jun 2021
Menard Financial Group 7.5k $223k -93% Jun 2021
Harbour Investments 7.3k $215k -11% Jun 2021
IFP Advisors 6.4k $190k 100% Jun 2021
Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency 5.4k $159k 0% Jun 2021
UBS Group 2.7k $80k 421% Jun 2021
Royal Bank of Canada 1.4k $41k 0% Jun 2021
Advisory Services Network 1.0k $30k 100% Jun 2021
Proequities 334.00 $10k 0% Jun 2021
FinTrust Capital Advisors 80.00 $2.0k 100% Jun 2021

Who sold out of Aptus Defined Risk Etf exchange traded funds?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Capital Wealth Management Mar 2021 80k $2.4M
Jane Street Mar 2021 15k $448k
Geneos Wealth Management Mar 2021 14k $409k
Howe and Rusling Mar 2021 4.2k $122k
Prime Capital Investment Advisors Mar 2021 2.3k $66k