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Top investors of Goldman Sachs Etf Tr stock

Who bought or sold GOLDMAN SACHS ETF TR this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
LPL Financial 4.3M $176M -1% Dec 2022
Envestnet Asset Management 2.3M $96M 5% Dec 2022
Morgan Stanley 803k $33M -19% Dec 2022
Betterment 566k $23M 210% Dec 2022
Monolith Advisors 357k $15M -2% Sep 2022
Cetera Investment Advisers 335k $14M 1405% Dec 2022
Financial Network Investment Corporation 310k $13M 100% Dec 2022
Advisor Group Holdings 194k $8.1M 19% Dec 2022
Quantitative Advantage 167k $6.9M 5% Dec 2022
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 144k $5.9M 6% Dec 2022
Citadel Advisors 117k $4.8M 100% Dec 2022

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Hanson McClain Advisors 113k $4.6M -66% Dec 2022
Atria Wealth Solutions 101k $4.2M 2% Dec 2022
Bank of New York Mellon 88k $3.6M -3% Dec 2022
First Ascent Asset Management 78k $3.2M 100% Dec 2022
Commonwealth Equity Services 62k $2.6M 5% Dec 2022
Orion Portfolio Solutions 50k $2.0M -8% Dec 2022
Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency 49k $2.0M -3% Dec 2022
CoreCap Advisors 46k $1.9M 6% Dec 2022
Jane Street 36k $1.5M -44% Dec 2022
Susquehanna International 35k $1.4M -60% Dec 2022
Multi-Financial Securities 26k $1.1M 100% Dec 2022
ICA Group Wealth Management 24k $969k -16% Dec 2022
Legacy Advisors 23k $929k 19% Dec 2022
Bank of America Corporation 19k $761k 421% Dec 2022
Royal Bank of Canada 17k $691k 100% Dec 2022
Ausdal Financial Partners 10k $415k -37% Dec 2022
Regal Investment Advisors 9.8k $404k 0% Dec 2022
Perennial Investment Advisors 7.5k $308k 7% Dec 2022
Global Retirement Partners 7.0k $286k 0% Dec 2022
Private Trust Co Na 2.8k $115k -63% Dec 2022
Goss Wealth Management 1.2k $9.0k 100% Dec 2022
Harbour Investments 1.1k $45k -7% Dec 2022
Pnc Financial Services 263.00 $11k 100% Dec 2022
UBS Group 183.00 $7.5k 100% Dec 2022

Who sold out of Goldman Sachs Etf Tr?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Goldman Sachs Group Jun 2022 241k $10M
CWM Sep 2022 3.3k $135k