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Top investors of Kernel Group Holdings Inc A stock

Who bought or sold KERNEL GROUP HOLDINGS INC A this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas 2.5M $25M 0% Sep 2022
Glazer Capital 2.3M $23M 49% Sep 2022
Aristeia Capital 1.9M $18M 0% Sep 2022
Saba Capital Management 1.6M $16M 0% Sep 2022
Nomura Holdings 878k $8.7M 0% Sep 2022
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 650k $6.5M 0% Sep 2022
Bank Of Montreal 597k $5.9M 50% Sep 2022
Moore Capital Management 500k $5.0M 100% Sep 2022
Periscope Capital 446k $4.4M 100% Sep 2022
Arena Capital Advisors, LLC- CA 410k $4.1M 0% Sep 2022
Wolverine Asset Management 214k $2.1M -42% Sep 2022

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Balyasny Asset Management 200k $2.0M 100% Sep 2022
Jane Street 163k $1.7M 0% Sep 2022
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 150k $1.5M 0% Dec 2022
Spartan Fund Management 150k $1.5M -25% Dec 2022
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 147k $1.5M 100% Sep 2022
Tenor Capital Management 132k $1.3M 0% Sep 2022
Boothbay Fund Management 121k $1.2M 100% Sep 2022
Whitebox Advisors 114k $1.1M 0% Sep 2022
Capstone Investment Advisors 100k $992k 100% Sep 2022
Barclays 65k $643k 0% Sep 2022
Henderson Group 52k $531k 100% Sep 2022
Toronto-Dominion Bank 51k $508k 0% Sep 2022
Gabelli Securities 50k $498k 0% Sep 2022
Rivernorth Capital Management 50k $496k 100% Sep 2022
Alliancebernstein 50k $497k 0% Sep 2022
Gabelli Funds 50k $495k 0% Sep 2022
Tuttle Tactical Management 34k $345k -36% Dec 2022
Segantii Capital Management 34k $339k 0% Dec 2022
Virtu Financial 27k $267k 100% Sep 2022
Landscape Capital Management 15k $149k 0% Sep 2022
Royal Bank of Canada 15k $147k 100% Sep 2022
UBS Group 5.5k $55k -73% Sep 2022
Tower Research Capital 682.00 $7.0k 100% Sep 2022

Who sold out of Kernel Group Holdings Inc A?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Omni Event Management Jun 2022 130k $1.3M
HighTower Advisors Jun 2022 65k $637k