Who owns Gigcapital2 Acq Corp?

Top Holders and Investors of GIX Stock

Find out who owns Gigcapital2 Acq Corp, who bought GIX this quarter, and who sold GIX?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At Change in Shares As Of
UBS O'Connor 2.18M $21.73M 88% Mar 2020
Fir Tree 1.07M $10.67M 100% Mar 2020
Berkley W R 1.06M $10.51M 100% Mar 2020
Glazer Capital 789.92k $7.86M 87767% Mar 2020
Linden Advisors 700.72k $6.97M 0% Mar 2020
Hudson Bay Capital Management 567.74k $5.65M 100% Mar 2020
Omni Partners 549.04k $5.46M 100% Mar 2020
Alberta Investment Management Corporation 500.00k $4.97M 100% Mar 2020
Periscope Capital 326.20k $3.25M 44% Mar 2020
Jefferies 300.00k $2.98M 100% Mar 2020
Picton Mahoney Asset Management 220.00k $2.35M 1164% Mar 2020
Gabelli Securities 203.50k $2.03M 0% Mar 2020
CNH Partners 203.00k $2.02M -42% Mar 2020
Gabelli Funds 182.10k $1.81M 100% Mar 2020
Basso Capital Management 174.32k $1.73M 357% Mar 2020
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 150.00k $1.49M 100% Mar 2020
Brooklyn Capital Management 143.23k $1.42M 0% Mar 2020
Westchester Capital Management 135.00k $1.34M 0% Mar 2020
Walleye Trading Advisors 111.25k $1.11M 1% Mar 2020
Walleye Trading 111.25k $1.11M 8% Mar 2020
Polar Securities 100.00k $995.00k -60% Mar 2020
Radcliffe Capital Management 93.52k $930.00k 100% Mar 2020
Credit Suisse AG 75.00k $746.00k 50% Mar 2020
Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership 50.00k $498.00k 100% Mar 2020
Karpus Investment Management 16.60k $165.00k -99% Mar 2020
PanAgora Asset Management 4.87k $48.00k 0% Mar 2020
Morgan Stanley 232 $2.00k -95% Mar 2020

Who sold out of GIX?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Cibc World Markets Dec 2019 820.00k $8.16M
Sage Rock Capital Management Dec 2019 600.00k $5.97M
K2 Principal Fund Dec 2019 400.00k $3.97M
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2019 200.00k $1.99M
Oakmont Partners Dec 2019 95.50k $948.32k
UBS Group AG Dec 2019 56.70k $567.00k
Pnc Financial Services Dec 2019 43.00k $426.99k
Mizuho Securities USA Dec 2019 39.93k $396.92k

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