Who owns Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF?

Key details on Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (Ticker: VTI)

Who owns Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF?

Is VTI a good stock to own? Find out who bought Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF, who sold Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) stock, and who holds a large position in Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF.

Fund Name Number of Shares Share Valuation As Of
Schroder Investment Management 59.28M $5.20B Sept. 30, 2013
Smith & Howard Wealth Management 56.01M $53.77M Dec. 31, 2013
AEGON USA Investment Management 17.19M $1.68B March 31, 2014
Windhaven Investment 8.48M $818.66M March 31, 2014
Bank of America Corporation 7.63M $743.86M March 31, 2014
UBS AG 6.59M $642.52M March 31, 2014
LPL Financial 6.51M $634.18M March 31, 2014
Portfolio Solutions 3.46M $351.87M June 30, 2014
Vanguard 3.32M $323.27M March 31, 2014
Stadion Money Management 3.19M $235.16M Sept. 30, 2012
GOLDMAN SACHS 3.00M $292.17M March 31, 2014
Financeware 2.89M $281.86M March 31, 2014
Citi 2.88M $280.22M March 31, 2014
MORGAN STANLEY 2.79M $272.12M March 31, 2014
WEALTHFRONT 2.69M $276.97M June 30, 2014
Gibson Capital 2.63M $111.73M June 30, 2013
Windham Capital Management 2.57M $250.18M March 31, 2014
Truepoint 2.03M $198.18M March 31, 2014
PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES 2.03M $197.44M March 31, 2014
University of Southern California 1.92M $158.50M June 30, 2013
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 1.77M $152.80M Sept. 30, 2013
SUSQUEHANNA INTERNATIONAL 1.69M $165.04M March 31, 2014
US BANCORP \DE\ 1.59M $155.20M March 31, 2014
Reliance Trust Co of Delaware 1.53M $149.55M March 31, 2014
Hanson McClain Advisors 1.37M $139.49M June 30, 2014

Who sold Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF?

Fund Name Date Sold Number of Shares Sold Share Valuation
Credit Suisse AG Sept. 30, 2011 1.65M $95.02M
Johnson Investment Counsel June 30, 2011 3.57M $196.06M
Spruce Private Investors June 30, 2011 1.92M $131.52M