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Top investors of Ig Acquisition Corp stock

Who bought or sold IG ACQUISITION CORP this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
BlueCrest Capital Management 1.0M $10M 0% Mar 2021
Shaolin Capital Management 860k $9.3M 100% Dec 2020
Magnetar Financial 744k $7.6M -7% Mar 2021
Millennium Management 375k $4.1M 100% Dec 2020
Vivaldi Asset Management 200k $2.2M 100% Dec 2020
Yakira Capital Management 194k $2.0M -10% Mar 2021
Wealthspring Capital 190k $2.1M 100% Dec 2020
Hrt Financial 150k $1.5M 0% Mar 2021
Ramius Advisors 47k $481k -42% Mar 2021
Littlejohn & Co 39k $401k 100% Mar 2021
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors 39k $422k 100% Dec 2020

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Walleye Trading Advisors 22k $220k -46% Mar 2021
Beryl Capital Management 17k $181k 100% Dec 2020
Walleye Trading 14k $146k -46% Mar 2021
Sage Mountain Advisors 14k $144k -29% Mar 2021
Virtu Financial 14k $139k 100% Mar 2021
Glazer Capital 6.4k $66k 100% Mar 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 2.1k $21k 100% Mar 2021
Condor Capital Management 1.2k $12k 100% Mar 2021
Advisor Group Holdings 1.0k $10k 100% Mar 2021
Tower Research Capital 638.00 $7.0k -36% Mar 2021
UBS Group 551.00 $6.0k -98% Mar 2021
Hanson McClain Advisors 100.00 $1.0k 100% Mar 2021
Captrust Financial Advisors 3.00 $0 -100% Mar 2021

Who sold out of Ig Acquisition Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Aristeia Capital Dec 2020 1000k $11M
HGC Investment Management Dec 2020 810k $8.8M
Periscope Capital Dec 2020 667k $7.2M
Brooklyn Capital Management Dec 2020 525k $5.7M
CVI Holdings Dec 2020 500k $5.4M
Jane Street Dec 2020 350k $3.8M
Polar Securities Dec 2020 350k $3.8M
Kepos Capital Dec 2020 350k $3.8M
OZ Management Dec 2020 200k $2.2M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2020 200k $2.2M
Basso Capital Management Dec 2020 143k $1.5M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Dec 2020 120k $1.3M
Exos Asset Management Dec 2020 52k $563k
Mangrove Partners Dec 2020 49k $531k
OMERS Administration Corporation Dec 2020 32k $347k
MYDA Advisors Dec 2020 29k $289k
Royal Bank of Canada Dec 2020 26k $284k
Vivaldi Capital Management Dec 2020 10k $108k
PanAgora Asset Management Dec 2020 7.6k $82k
Seaport Global Asset Management Dec 2020 2.0k $20k