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Top investors of ImmunoGen stock

Who bought or sold ImmunoGen this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Wellington Management Company 2.0M $58M -85% Dec 2023
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Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 1.8M $53M 495% Dec 2023
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Alliancebernstein 1.5M $45M 402% Dec 2023
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venBio Select Advisor 875k $26M 100% Dec 2023
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Decheng Capital 660k $20M 100% Dec 2023
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Hsbc Holdings 520k $15M 100% Dec 2023
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PRIMECAP Management Company 273k $8.1M 0% Dec 2023
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Allianz Asset Management 214k $6.4M 381% Dec 2023
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DLD Asset Management 151k $4.5M 100% Dec 2023
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Nicholas Investments Partners 149k $4.4M -93% Dec 2023
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MetLife Investment Advisors 126k $3.7M -2% Dec 2023
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American International 119k $3.5M 0% Dec 2023
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Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers 85k $2.5M -7% Dec 2023
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Angelo, Gordon & Co 80k $2.4M 100% Dec 2023
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Kellner Capital 69k $2.1M 100% Dec 2023
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Baystate Wealth Management 24k $715k 100% Dec 2023
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Scotia Capital 19k $567k 28% Dec 2023
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 14k $404k -3% Dec 2023
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Lazard Asset Management 13k $389k -32% Dec 2023
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Plan 8.0k $237k 100% Dec 2023
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Coppell Advisory Solutions 1.1k $32k 100% Dec 2023
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Itau Unibanco Holding 892.00 $26k -13% Dec 2023
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IFP Advisors 830.00 $25k 159% Dec 2023
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Able Wealth Management 424.00 $13k 100% Dec 2023
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EverSource Wealth Advisors 300.00 $8.9k 0% Mar 2024
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Mather Group 62.00 $1.8k 100% Mar 2024
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Crewe Advisors 5.00 $149.000000 -38% Dec 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $31.000000 -98% Mar 2024
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Who sold out of ImmunoGen?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Dec 2023 26M $755M
RA Capital Management Dec 2023 24M $704M
BlackRock Sep 2023 20M $322M
Redmile Group Dec 2023 16M $487M
Henderson Group Dec 2023 11M $328M
Pentwater Capital Management Dec 2023 6.7M $198M
Fairmount Funds Management Dec 2023 5.9M $176M
FMR Sep 2023 5.8M $92M
Norges Bank Investment Management Dec 2023 5.5M $164M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2023 4.9M $78M
Morgan Stanley Sep 2023 4.8M $77M
Millennium Management Dec 2023 4.6M $135M
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2023 4.5M $134M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2023 3.3M $99M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Dec 2023 3.3M $97M
Voloridge Investment Management Dec 2023 3.2M $96M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2023 3.1M $49M
Boxer Capital Dec 2023 3.0M $88M
Maverick Capital Dec 2023 2.5M $74M
Woodline Partners Sep 2023 2.4M $39M
Northern Trust Sep 2023 2.4M $38M
TIG Advisors Dec 2023 2.3M $69M
Tang Capital Management Dec 2023 2.2M $65M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2023 2.1M $61M
Sofinnova Ventures Sep 2023 2.0M $33M
UBS O'Connor Dec 2023 1.9M $57M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Dec 2023 1.9M $56M
Susquehanna International Sep 2023 1.9M $30M
Avidity Partners Management Dec 2023 1.8M $54M
Alpine Associates Management Dec 2023 1.8M $52M
Emerald Advisers Dec 2023 1.7M $52M
CNH Partners Dec 2023 1.4M $42M
Kynam Capital Management Dec 2023 1.4M $42M
QVT Financial Dec 2023 1.4M $41M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2023 1.4M $41M
Westchester Capital Management Dec 2023 1.4M $41M
Taconic Capital Advisors Dec 2023 1.3M $39M
Goldman Sachs Group Dec 2023 1.2M $35M
Emerald Mutual Fund Advisers, Trust Dec 2023 1.2M $35M
Marshall Wace Dec 2023 1.2M $35M
Boothbay Fund Management Sep 2023 1.2M $19M
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership Dec 2023 1.2M $35M
Caption Management Dec 2023 1.2M $34M
Principal Financial Group Dec 2023 1.1M $33M
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Dec 2023 1.1M $33M
T. Rowe Price Associates Dec 2023 1.1M $32M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Dec 2023 1.1M $32M
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2023 1.1M $32M
Gail Mannix Dec 2023 1.0M $30M
Ensign Peak Advisors Sep 2023 876k $14M
Partner Fund Management Sep 2023 870k $14M
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2023 780k $23M
Eventide Asset Management Dec 2023 763k $23M
Rock Springs Capital Management Sep 2023 759k $12M
Altium Capital Management Sep 2023 725k $12M
Parkman Healthcare Partners Sep 2023 718k $11M
Rhenman & Partners Asset Management AB Sep 2023 700k $11M
American Century Companies Sep 2023 699k $11M
New York Life Investment Management Dec 2023 682k $20M
Granahan Investment Management Sep 2023 681k $11M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Dec 2023 643k $19M
Barclays Dec 2023 642k $19M
Jane Street Dec 2023 634k $19M
Superstring Capital Management Dec 2023 598k $18M
Vivaldi Asset Management Dec 2023 597k $18M
Rafferty Asset Management Sep 2023 567k $9.0M
Ikarian Capital Dec 2023 547k $16M
Man Group Dec 2023 535k $16M
Melqart Asset Management Dec 2023 531k $16M
Two Sigma Advisers Dec 2023 523k $16M
Ing Investment Management Sep 2023 515k $8.2M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2023 500k $15M
CM Management Dec 2023 500k $15M
Swiss National Bank Dec 2023 481k $14M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Dec 2023 454k $14M
Credit Suisse Dec 2023 417k $12M
Segantii Capital Management Dec 2023 415k $12M
PanAgora Asset Management Dec 2023 410k $12M
UBS Group Dec 2023 408k $12M
Two Sigma Investments Dec 2023 364k $11M
Rhumbline Advisers Dec 2023 362k $11M
Hennion & Walsh Asset Management Dec 2023 357k $11M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Dec 2023 340k $10M
Citigroup Dec 2023 338k $10M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Dec 2023 311k $9.2M
First Manhattan Sep 2023 283k $4.5M
Centiva Capital Dec 2023 275k $8.2M
Glazer Capital Dec 2023 271k $8.0M
California State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2023 246k $3.9M
Kennedy Capital Management Dec 2023 241k $7.1M
Seven Eight Capital Sep 2023 239k $3.8M
Group One Trading Sep 2023 238k $3.8M
Legal & General Group Dec 2023 235k $7.0M
Sio Capital Management Sep 2023 233k $3.7M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Dec 2023 233k $6.9M
FORA Capital Dec 2023 222k $6.6M
Twin Securities Dec 2023 222k $6.6M
Simplex Trading Dec 2023 212k $6.3M
Fred Alger Management Dec 2023 209k $6.2M
Arrowpoint Asset Management Dec 2023 201k $6.0M
Trexquant Investment Sep 2023 201k $3.2M
Highbridge Capital Management Dec 2023 200k $5.9B
Vazirani Asset Management Dec 2023 200k $25k
Adage Capital Partners GP Sep 2023 200k $3.2M
Sei Investments Sep 2023 194k $3.1M
DAFNA Capital Management Dec 2023 194k $5.7M
Arp Americas Dec 2023 192k $5.7M
Calamos Advisors Dec 2023 191k $5.7M
Velan Capital Investment Management Sep 2023 190k $3.0M
HGC Investment Management Dec 2023 189k $5.6M
Exome Asset Management Dec 2023 187k $5.5M
Fifth Lane Capital Dec 2023 182k $5.4M
Algert Coldiron Investors Sep 2023 180k $2.9M
Ironwood Investment Management Dec 2023 175k $5.2M
Wolverine Trading Dec 2023 169k $5.0M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Dec 2023 165k $4.9M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Dec 2023 157k $4.7M
Eudaimonia Asset Management Sep 2023 155k $2.5M
Readystate Asset Management Dec 2023 150k $4.4M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Dec 2023 147k $4.3M
HighVista Strategies Sep 2023 145k $2.3M
Lighthouse Investment Partners Sep 2023 143k $2.3M
Walleye Trading Dec 2023 139k $4.1M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Dec 2023 137k $4.1M
Cowen And Company Dec 2023 131k $3.9M
William Blair $ Company Dec 2023 131k $3.9M
SG Americas Securities Dec 2023 129k $3.8M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Dec 2023 127k $3.8M
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2023 120k $3.6M
Leucadia National Corporation Dec 2023 115k $3.4M
Kercheville Advisors Dec 2023 115k $3.4M
Jump Financial Sep 2023 113k $1.8M
Walleye Trading Advisors Dec 2023 112k $3.3M
Raymond James & Associates Dec 2023 105k $3.1M
Springbok Capital Management Sep 2023 101k $1.6M
ClearAlpha Technologies Dec 2023 101k $3.0M
ProFund Advisors Sep 2023 98k $1.6M
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2023 93k $2.8M
Tudor Investment Corporation Dec 2023 86k $2.5M
Fernwood Investment Management Dec 2023 84k $2.5M
Wells Fargo & Company Dec 2023 80k $2.4M
Polar Securities Dec 2023 80k $2.4M
AQR Capital Management Dec 2023 78k $2.3M
Royal Bank of Canada Dec 2023 77k $2.3M
Natixis Sep 2023 75k $1.2M
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Dec 2023 73k $2.2M
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Dec 2023 73k $2.1M
Florida State Board of Administration Dec 2023 69k $2.1M
Captrust Financial Advisors Dec 2023 68k $2.0M
Keebeck Alpha Dec 2023 67k $2.0M
ADAR1 Capital Management Dec 2023 66k $2.0M
Arizona State Retirement System Dec 2023 66k $2.0M
Laurion Capital Management Dec 2023 65k $1.9M
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2023 65k $1.0M
Capital Fund Management Sep 2023 64k $1.0M
CSS Dec 2023 64k $1.9M
AlphaCentric Advisors Sep 2023 63k $992k
Quantum Private Wealth Dec 2023 60k $1.8M
Neo Ivy Capital Management Sep 2023 55k $875k
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Dec 2023 55k $1.6M
ClariVest Asset Management Sep 2023 54k $863k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Dec 2023 50k $1.5M
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Dec 2023 49k $1.4M
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Sep 2023 49k $769k
ProShare Advisors Sep 2023 48k $762k
Advisor Group Holdings Dec 2023 48k $1.4M
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Dec 2023 47k $1.4M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Dec 2023 43k $1.3M
Thomas Stevens, CFA" Dec 2023 42k $1.3M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Sep 2023 39k $615k
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Dec 2023 37k $1.1M
BI Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S Dec 2023 35k $1.1M
Victory Capital Management Dec 2023 35k $1.0M
Bck Capital Management Dec 2023 35k $1.0M
Glenmede Trust Company Sep 2023 35k $553k
Diversified Trust Company Dec 2023 33k $990k
Ohio Pers Dec 2023 33k $979k
Twin Focus Capital Partners Dec 2023 32k $945k
Point72 Middle East FZE Dec 2023 32k $939k
Kapitalo Investimentos Dec 2023 31k $932k
LPL Financial Sep 2023 31k $493k
China Universal Asset Management Dec 2023 31k $918k
Creative Planning Dec 2023 30k $883k
Amalgamated Bank Dec 2023 29k $862k
Belvedere Trading Sep 2023 29k $455k
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Dec 2023 28k $836k
PenderFund Capital Management Dec 2023 28k $1.1M
Corton Capital Dec 2023 26k $768k
Parkwood Dec 2023 26k $766k
Brian McDonald Sep 2023 25k $403k
Leo Wealth Dec 2023 25k $742k
Summit Investment Advisors Dec 2023 24k $719k
Commonwealth Equity Services Dec 2023 24k $711k
Friedenthal Financial Dec 2023 23k $695k
Pathstone Holdings Dec 2023 21k $635k
Blackstone Group Dec 2023 21k $606k
Shay Capital Dec 2023 20k $593k
First Bank & Trust Dec 2023 19k $574k
Oxford Asset Management Dec 2023 19k $559k
Squarepoint Ops Dec 2023 18k $539k
GSA Capital Partners Dec 2023 18k $529k
NinePointTwo Capital Sep 2023 18k $281k
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Sep 2023 17k $266k
Jacobi Capital Management Sep 2023 17k $262k
E Fund Management Dec 2023 16k $488k
Cutler Dec 2023 15k $448k
Russell Investments Dec 2023 15k $449k
Whittier Trust Dec 2023 15k $445k
Fis Dec 2023 15k $430k
Mackenzie Financial Dec 2023 14k $423k
Gotham Asset Management Dec 2023 14k $416k
Mine & Arao Wealth Creation & Management Dec 2023 14k $415k
Baxter Brothers Dec 2023 14k $408k
Hudson Bay Capital Management Dec 2023 14k $400k
Soleus Capital Management Dec 2023 13k $387k
DCF Advisers Sep 2023 13k $204k
FNY Investment Advisers Dec 2023 13k $370k
Chicago Partners Investment Dec 2023 12k $350k
Bridgefront Capital Dec 2023 12k $341k
Oracle Alpha Dec 2023 11k $336k
TFC Financial Management Dec 2023 11k $320k
Perkins Capital Management Dec 2023 10k $308k
Moore Capital Management Dec 2023 10k $297k
Franklin Resources Dec 2023 9.7k $288k
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado Sep 2023 9.7k $187k
Exchange Traded Concepts Dec 2023 8.9k $264k
Zacks Investment Management Dec 2023 8.7k $259k
Lido Advisors Dec 2023 8.2k $242k
Pure Financial Advisors Dec 2023 8.0k $237k
Oakmont Partners Dec 2023 7.9k $233k
JustInvest Dec 2023 7.8k $232k
Quantbot Technologies Sep 2023 7.2k $114k
Mercer Global Advisors Dec 2023 7.0k $209k
NISA Investment Advisors Dec 2023 7.0k $207k
Tower Research Capital Sep 2023 5.3k $83k
KBC Group NV Sep 2023 4.7k $75k
USA Financial Portformulas Dec 2023 3.9k $115k
Assetmark Dec 2023 3.9k $115k
David W. Seeley Dec 2023 2.3k $67k
Sandia Investment Management Dec 2023 2.0k $59k
MeadowBrook Investment Advisors Dec 2023 1.8k $53k
McGlone Suttner Wealth Management Dec 2023 1.6k $46k
Daiwa Securities Group Dec 2023 1.1k $32k
Indiana Trust & Investment Management Dec 2023 950.00 $28k
Parallel Advisors Dec 2023 876.00 $26k
Key FInancial Dec 2023 812.00 $24k
CWM Dec 2023 719.00 $21k
Signature Dec 2023 670.00 $20k
Lindbrook Capital Dec 2023 625.00 $19k
Pnc Financial Services Dec 2023 611.00 $18k
Federated Investors Sep 2023 609.00 $9.7k
Covestor Dec 2023 509.00 $15k
Tradition Wealth Management Dec 2023 500.00 $15k
Us Bancorp Dec 2023 479.00 $14k
Hanson McClain Advisors Dec 2023 442.00 $13k
Prestige Wealth Management Group Dec 2023 423.00 $13k
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Dec 2023 355.00 $11k
Principal Securities Dec 2023 324.00 $9.6k
GAMMA Investing Dec 2023 192.00 $5.6k
Annis Gardner Whiting Capital Advisors Dec 2023 183.00 $5.4k
Farther Finance Advisors Dec 2023 166.00 $4.9k
Absolute Investment Management Dec 2023 162.00 $4.8k
Raleigh Capital Management Dec 2023 162.00 $4.8k
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Dec 2023 126.00 $3.7k
Focused Wealth Management Dec 2023 100.00 $3.0k
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Dec 2023 100.00 $3.0k
Private Wealth Management Group Dec 2023 86.00 $2.6k
SOA Wealth Advisors Dec 2023 67.00 $2.0k
Bell Investment Advisors Dec 2023 62.00 $1.8k
New Millennium Group Dec 2023 60.00 $1.8k
EdgeRock Capital Dec 2023 49.00 $1.4k
Harbour Investments Sep 2023 29.00 $460.000900
Spire Wealth Management Dec 2023 20.00 $590.000000
Global Retirement Partners Dec 2023 13.00 $385.000200
Retirement Group Dec 2023 13.00 $385.000200